LOS ANGELES — Met Colin Farrell on the red carpet at the 34th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival, where Farrell told George Pennacchio that working on Banshee of Inisherin was a pleasure because it was a reunion of old friends. “The shorthand was there, the knowledge and trust in each other was there,” Farrell said. “It was good to have the group back together.”

Farrell’s portrayal of Padraic Suleabhain in this tragic Irish comedy gave Hollywood a wider appreciation of his talents. “I don’t feel like I’ve worked harder on this than anything in the last 25 years, but every film, every story requires different things from you. And whatever they asked me to do, I enjoyed it when I went in,” Farrell said.

In addition to the award for his work in Banshee of Inisherin, Farrell is also considered the front-runner in this year’s Oscar race for Best Actor. At the 57th National Society of Film Critics Conference held on January 7, Banshee of Inishreen won two awards, including Best Actor for Colin Farrell and Best Supporting Actress for Carrie Condon. The San Francisco Bay Area Film Critics Circle awarded the film three awards: Best Picture, Best Actor for Colin Farrell, and Best Supporting Actress for Carrie Condon.

At the international awards ceremony in Palm Springs, Farrell was awarded the Desert Palm Achievement Award for an actor for his performance in Banshee Inisherina. “The reception was extremely shocking, extremely shocking. I’m not even kidding. No false modesty. I’m not looking a gifted horse in the mouth,” Farrell said. “I’m very grateful for that, I feel like I’m representing the whole cast and crew here.”

Asked how he feels about being a strong Oscar contender, Farrell jokes, “It’s not the worst thing I’ve heard about myself. I’ve read some things over the years, so that’s good.”

The Denver Film Critics Society nominated Banshee of Inishreen for eight awards, including Best Picture, Best Director for Martin McDonagh and Best Actor for Colin Farrell. Banshee of Inisherin is nominated for nine Seattle Film Critics Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director for Martin McDonough and Best Actor for Colin Farrell.

Nominations for “Oscar” will be announced in the morning of January 24. You can live with this On the red carpet.

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