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Dear Poles,

We are a multi-condominium association comprised of eight separate associations. Six of the eight separate associations consist of similar buildings, each with 32 units. These six associations are considering merging into one. If we were to synchronize their reserves, fund balances and service fees (ie the same values), what would it take to merge them?

They all have the same statutes. All six condominium declarations are very similar or can be made similar and require a 75% vote of the owners to amend. The Condominium Act suggests that associations can be incorporated with less than 100% of the owners’ votes, but since their proportional share of the total costs will change, will that dictate 100% approval from all 192 owners? Their declarations do not appear to specify voting approval to change the proportions or percentages by which owners share common expenses.

Signature, PS

Dear PS,

You use the term “association” in different ways in your question, but I think you mean that there is one association (the organization charged with managing and maintaining the property) that manages the eight condominiums. Six of the eight condominiums, which are basically identical, would like to merge into one condominium so that they share costs.

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