Security contrast, a code security company, today announced that it has expanded the static application security testing capabilities of the Secure Code Platform to include support for the JavaScript language, as well as support for the Angular, React, and jQuery frameworks. This allows developers to quickly find and fix security flaws in client code.

Adding a Contrast scanning enables application security teams and developers to use the Contrast Secure Code platform to scale client-side to server-side security with increased speed and accuracy.

“A growing concern for AppSec and development managers is how to build security into the development pipeline. Whether you specialize in front-end, back-end, or end-to-end development, we want to help developers deliver secure code from the start,” said Stephen Phillips, vice president of product marketing at Contrast Security. “Fortunately, with the new language expansion of our Secure Code Platform to include client-side JavaScript with Angular, React, and jQuery, AppSec managers and developers and their teams can now find and fix security flaws in their client code with industry-leading speed and accuracy. This is a testament to Contrast’s mission to continue investing in tools that enable customers to embed code security testing at every stage of the SDLC [software development lifecycle].”

Key benefits of these advanced capabilities include early detection of client-side vulnerabilities, full visibility into client-side code risk, lower false positives, and the ability to protect every layer of the software stack.

For enterprises, client-side JavaScript support is now available through existing Contrast Scan subscriptions. Individual developers can also start scanning their code for vulnerabilities for free CodeSec.

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