Jonathan K. Fernand, Assistant Teaching Professor, Behavior Analysis


Jonathan K. Fernand presented “The effects of behavioral skills training on staff implementation of feeding interventions” at the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis, Miami on September 30th, 2021

Jonathan K. Fernand presented “An introduction to behavioral approaches for pediatric feeding problems” at the 4º Encontro Brasil e EUA de Autismo, Brazil on November 14th, 2021

Jonathan K. Fernand presented “Scope of practice and competency in the assessment and treatment of pediatric feeding disorders” at the Emirates College for Advanced Education, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on December 14th, 2021

Dr. Natalie M. Dorfeld, Associate Professor of English, Arts and Communication


Dorfeld, Natalie.  “Safety vs. Security: Returning F2F During a Global Pandemic.” Academic Labor: Research and Artistry, Issue 6, 2022, pp. 2-10.

Dorfeld, Natalie.  “Welcome to the %^&* Show: Teaching Composition During a Global Pandemic.”  St. John’s University Humanities Review (Time in the Time of COVID-19: The Relationship Between Time and Distress), volume 18, no. 1, Fall 2021 issue, pp. 43-50. 


Dorfeld, Natalie.  “Using Our Power: The MLA, Advocacy, and Academic Labor.” Modern Language Association Conference, 6-9 January 2022.  Roundtable discussion. 

Dorfeld, Natalie.  “Multiple Intelligences: Keeping Students Engaged During the COVID-19 Semester.”  NeMLA Convention, 10-14 March 2021, Virtual. Roundtable discussion. 

Dorfeld, Natalie.  “Buddhism and the Environment: What is Your Responsibility?” Asian Studies Development Program’s National Conference, 4-6 March 2021, Virtual.  Panel presentation.  

Keturah Mazo, Instructor, Arts and Communication


“Community Collaboration in Identifying Factors to Aid the Houseless” presented by Keturah Mazo and Jackie Noto on February 24, 2020 at the Southern Conference on Teaching and Learning in Savannah, GA

Radhika Krishnamurthy, Professor (tenured), Psychology


Krishnamurthy, Radhika., Hass, G. A., Natoli, A. P. Smith, B. L., Arbisi, P. A., & Gottfried, E. D. (2022). Professional practice guidelines for personality assessment.  Journal of Personality Assessment, 104(1), 1-16.

Wright, A. J., Chávez, L., Edelstein, B. A., Grus, C. L., Krishnamurthy, Radhika., Lieb, R., Mihura, J. L., Pincus, A. L., & Wilson, M. (2021). Education and training guidelines for psychological assessment in health service psychology. American Psychologist, 76(5), 794-801.


Krishnamurthy, Radhika. (2022, January 28th). Cultural/diversity considerations in assessment.  In Bennett, K., Brabender, V., Holman, A., & Krishnamurthy, Radhika. (2022, January).  Centering diversity in psychological assessment: Panel and discussion.  Online workshop presented to the Colorado Assessment Society.

Feature stories/news about faculty:

Radhika Krishnamurthy participated in two major professional initiatives at the national level in her area of psychological assessment specialty, which were recently brought to fruition:

                (1) She was selected to serve on the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Board of Educational Affairs (BEA) to develop Education and Training Guidelines for Psychological Assessment in Health Service Psychology.  The Guidelines, organized around domains of theory, psychological assessment process, psychometrics, tests and methods, ethics, legal issues, professionalism, diversity, and supervision, were originally released as an independent document with the goal of informing faculty/supervisors, students, and the public of recommended practices associated with quality graduate education and training in psychological assessment.  An executive summary of this work was published in the American Psychologist, a publication of the APA, in the July/August issue of 2021.

                (2) She served as lead task force member and first author of the Professional Practice Guidelines for Personality Assessment, commissioned by the Society for Personality Assessment (SPA) Board of Trustees.  SPA is an international organization housed in the U.S. that is dedicated to personality assessment research, applied practice, and education/training. The Guidelines were developed to aid best practices in personality assessment based on established professional ethics and contemporary research evidence.  They were published in SPA’s official journal, the Journal of Personality Assessment, in January, 2022.  Dr. Krishnamurthy and her team will be presenting an overview of the guidelines in the SPA annual convention in March, 2022.

Andrew Aberdein, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy & Chair of Humanities, Arts and Communication


Andrew Aberdein. 2021. “Courageous arguments and deep disagreements”. Topoi, 40(5): 1205–12.

Andrew Aberdein. 2021. “Dialogue types, argumentation schemes, and mathematical practice: Douglas Walton and mathematics”. Journal of Applied Logics, 8(1): 159–82.

Andrew Aberdein, Colin Jakob Rittberg, & Fenner Stanley Tanswell. 2021. “Virtue theory of mathematical practices: An introduction”. Synthese, 199(3–4): 10167–80.

Andrew Aberdein. 2021. “Review of John Woods, Truth in fiction: Rethinking its logic, Springer, 2018”. Philosophia, 49(2): 873–81.

Andrew Aberdein. 2021. “Was Aristotle a virtue argumentation theorist?” In Essays on Argumentation in Antiquity, edited by Joseph Bjelde, David Merry, & Christopher Roser. (Cham: Springer), pp. 215–29.


Andrew Aberdein. 2021. “Anonymous arguments” in the Interdisciplinary Online Speaker Series on the Ethics of Argument, December 3, 2021.

Andrew Aberdein. 2021. “Mathematics and epistemic trespassing” in the Mathematical Collaboration 4 Online Seminar Series, October 5, 2021.

Andrew Aberdein. 2021. “Deep disagreement in mathematics” at the Disagreements in Mathematics Online Workshop, June 19, 2021.

Andrew Aberdein. 2021. “Virtue argumentation (and the law)” in the Virtue, Argumentation, and the Law Online Roundtable, Centre for Legal Theory, Edinburgh Law School, University of Edinburgh, January 21, 2021.

Andrew Aberdein. 2020. “Straight from the Book: Erdős and the aesthetics of proof” at the Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Mathematics Online Colloquium, December 11, 2020.

David Wilder, Professor, Behavior Analysis


David Wilder (along with a Florida Tech graduate student and an alum) published “Evaluation of shoe inserts to reduce toe walking in young children with autism” in Behavioral Interventions (Dec 2021).

David Wilder (along with Florida Tech graduate students) published “Procedural integrity reporting in the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management (2000-2020)” in the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management (Nov 2021).

David Wilder (along with colleagues) published “The Performance Diagnostic Checklist – Human Services: An updated user guide” in Behavior Analysis in Practice (Jan 2022).

David Wilder (along with Florida Tech graduate students) published “The use of task clarification and self-monitoring to increase affirmative to constructive feedback ratios in supervisory relationships” in the Journal of Organizational Behavior Management (Dec 2021).

David Wilder (along with Florida Tech graduate student alum) published “A comparison of continuous, dense, and lean schedules of noncontingent access to matched competing stimuli to reduce stereotypy” in Behavioral Interventions (Jan 2022).


David Wilder (along with a Florida Tech graduate student and colleagues) presented “An examination of variables that predict turnover, staff and caregiver satisfaction in behavior-analytic organizations” at the 41st annual meeting of the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis (Sep. 2021).

David Wilder (along with Florida Tech alum and colleagues) presented “Adherence to medical routines: Promoting health and happiness without restraints or sedation” at the 41st annual meeting of the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis (Sep. 2021).

David Wilder (along with Florida Tech alum) presented “Evaluation of graduated exposure to teach extended mask wearing to children with autism” at the 41st annual meeting of the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis (Sep. 2021).

David Wilder (along with a Florida Tech graduate student and a colleague) presented “A survey of clinical pediatric feeding practices among practicing behavior analysts”  at the 41st annual meeting of the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis (Sep. 2021).

Moti Mizrahi, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Arts and Communication


Moti Mizrahi published a book “For and Against Scientism: Science, Methodology, and the Future of Philosophy” (Rowman & Littlefield, 2022)

Melissa Crofton, PhD, Assistant Professor and Debbie Lelekis, PhD, Associate Professor, Arts and Communication


Dr. Debbie Lelekis presented “Injustice, Vigilantism, and Depictions of Racial Violence in the Works of Paul Dunbar” and Dr. Melissa Crofton presented “Langston Hughes: Gaining Justice by Confronting Slavery” at the College English Association conference in Birmingham, Alabama on April 1st, 2022.

Melissa Crofton, PhD, Assistant Professor, Arts and Communication


Dr. Melissa Crofton presented her paper “Reflections on a Virtual Conference: How SAMLA 92 Reinforced the Values of Social-Networking in a Socially Distant World” at the virtual South Atlantic Modern Language Association conference in November 2021.

Dr. Melissa Crofton, Dr. Debbie Lelekis, and Dr. Danita Berg chaired a panel titled “Coming of Age in the Age of Covid: A Survival Panel for Students and Professors.” Dr. Crofton’s paper for the panel was titled “Navigating Freshman Comp with Tolkien’s The Hobbit.”

Eliza Dopira, Program Chair of the Music Program, Instructor, Arts and Communication

Performance by Faculty:

The Dr. Vernon Boushell Concert Series, Mozart’s Requiem, Performed by Riverside Chamber Orchestra and Riverside Community Chorus. Eliza Dopira was Alto Soloist. March 13, 2022

Demara Bennett, Associate Clinical Professor, Psychology

Publications (* = student co-authors)

*Morgan Amanda Davies & Demara Beth Bennett published “Parenting Stress in Non-Offending Caregivers of Sexually Abused Children” in Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, October 4, 2021. DOI: 10.1080/10538712.2021.1985676

Invited Presentations (* = student co-presenters):

*Morgan Davies & Demara Bennett presented “Support for the Inclusion of Non-Offending Caregivers in Child Sexual Abuse Treatment” at the Alberta Health Services Grand Rounds, via Zoom, on February 9, 2022.

Scholarly Presentations

*Courtney Kalmanson, Patrick Aragon, Demara Bennett, Vida Tyc, and Heidi Edwards presented poster “Adaptability as a Moderator on the Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse and the Development of Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms” at the Florida Psychological Association Virtual Convention – Diversity in Practice: Coming Together, via Whova, in September 2021.

Feature stories/news about faculty:

“Florida Tech’s Family Learning Program marks 30 years of community service”

Anthony LoGalbo, Associate Professor, Psychology


Dr. LoGalbo published “The General Ability Measure for Adults Underrepresents True IQ in a High-Functioning Aviation Population” in Applied Neuropsychology: Adult in January 2022, with graduate student co-authors Andrew DaCosta, Andrew Crane, Analise Roccaforte, and Morgan Davies, as well as former FIT graduate Dr. David Prewitt and professor emeritus Dr. Frank Webbe.


Dr. LoGalbo presented “College Athlete Ceiling and Floor Effects on The Immediate Post-Concussion and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT) and Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 5th Edition (SCAT-5)” at the International Neuropsychology Society Conference in New Orleans, LA (Virtual) in February 2022, along with graduate students Andrew DaCosta, Dominique Ghirardi, and Kaci Gorres.

Dr. LoGalbo presented “Does Frequency of Baseline Testing Influence Concussion Diagnostic Decision-Making Among College Athletes?” at the International Neuropsychology Society Conference in New Orleans, LA (Virtual) in February 2022, along with graduate students Andrew Crane and Analise Roccaforte.

Rick Addante, Assistant Professor, Psychology


Rick Addante published “Boosting brain waves improves memory” in Frontiers in Young Minds. 9:605677 with 4 student co-authors,

Rick Addante received an IDC Research Grant from CoPLA.


Rick Addante presented “We Need You: The essential role of psychology in a mission to Mars and how you can contribute to interplanetary success” as Spoken Presentation selected for delivery to the Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society in November 2021.

Rick Addante was selected as an Associate Editor, on the Editorial board of Neuropsychology, Frontiers in Psychology, November, 2021

Rick Addante served as the Chair of a symposium session on Statistics & Methodology at the Annual Meeting of the Psychonomics Society, November 2021

Rick Addante received the following three awards from the United States Air Force Auxiliary as part of the coordinated COVID-19 pandemic response teams: National Commanders Unit Citation Award, the Disaster Relief Ribbon, with ‘V’ device for valor, and the Crisis Service Ribbon, all in Fall of 2021

Rick Addante presented “From brainwaves to Mars: What NASA’s mission exploring human isolation for deep space taught our crew about living together better on Earth & off it’” to the Lifelong Learners Society of Florida Tech

Rick Addante presented his research on memory enhancement for an invited visit to an NYU podcast, called ‘Quantum Photonics’.

Rick Addante presented a talk, “The importance of the humanities to the future of deep space exploration missions”, to the CoPLA Dean’s Advisory Committee, Oct. 2021

Feature stories/news about faculty:

Space Coast Daily:

State University of New York:

Psychonomics Society Feature:

Danita Berg, Assistant Professor of Communication and Humanities Online Chair of Liberal Studies, Arts and Communication


Dr. Danita Berg presented “The Tides of Change: English in STEM and Career Colleges.” at the College English Association Annual Conference, Birmingham, AL, in April 2022.

Wanfa Zhang, PhD, Associate Professor, Arts and Communication


“Is China a Revisionist Power? Creating a Ten-Year Time-Series Dataset for the Answer through Online Political Surveys at 35 Universities in China,” SAGE Research Methods Cases, SAGE Publishing, 2022. Doi: 10.4135/9781529604245.

Invited Presentations:

“China’s “One Belt One Road Initiative” – Ambitions, Realities and Implications,” Johns Island Club’s Gold Seminar, Vero Beach, FL, February 28, 2022.

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