Two people have been arrested after a roadside shooting Tuesday, July 26, in Harris County, Texas, the sheriff said.

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Two people have been arrested after a traffic incident involving one of the suspects who fired a gun at a car carrying a 2-year-old child, Texas police say.

The incident caught on video happened on Tuesday, July 26 in Harris County, according to the sheriff. A man was driving on Interstate 45 with his 2-year-old son in the back seat when he and the suspects stopped their vehicles near the exit.

A man driving a truck approached the victim and “allegedly assaulted him,” Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said. As the victim began to flee in her vehicle, the woman in the truck got out with a gun and fired a shot through the vehicle’s backseat window, Gonzalez said.

A second shot was also fired at a nearby car dealership, the sheriff said.

The video was taken by a driver who was not involved in the accident shows a woman firing two shots before she and the man fled in a black truck.

The victim, who was driving, was taken to the hospital with “possible injuries” and is in good condition, Gonzalez said. The child was not injured.

Nazli Ortiz, the 40-year-old woman accused in the shooting, was charged with aggravated assault. Benjamin Green, 34, was charged with assault after his confrontation with the other driver, the sheriff said.

Both suspects remain in the Harris County Jail as of Wednesday, July 27.

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