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They may be two of the coolest British actors, however Daisy Edgar-Jones and Macy Williams were just as surprised Met Gala like the rest of us. “It was absolutely insane, and because it was so incredible that I was there, I felt like I was a little detached from the whole experience,” Edgar-Jones said in an episode of May 25th. Frank Film Club Podcast.. “I wasn’t really in my body, I was watching from afar. It was just crazy.”

Speaking in a podcast leading Game of Thrones alumni Williams, casting director Hannah Marie Williams and director Lowry Roberts, the two actresses talk about how they tried to meet but got bored at parties. “The Met Gala itself is so amazing that you just experience it. And then afterparty in the end it will be fun, ”Williams explained.

While 24-year-old Edgar-Jones completed her first gala at The Box’s exclusive nightclub, 25-year-old Williams nearly missed a flight home. “I was driving to The Box. I realized that my flight leaves very quickly, so I had to go, get my suitcase and go straight to the airport, ”she said. “Everyone on the flight just slept with hairstyles and makeup.” Here are some BTS footage we’d like to see.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK CITY - MAY 2: Macy Williams attends Met Gala 2022

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Edgar Jones was invited to a podcast to talk about her role in a comedy thriller “Fresh“, available on Disney +. Starring nearby Sebastian Stan, the film is about Noah, played by Edgar-Jones, who begins to meet Steve (Stan) – just to reveal his horrible true nature. While the film begins with the story of a boy and a girl, it is a reflection of him female friendship that she is most proud of. “We so often pay so much attention to romantic partnerships in film and television, but the fierce love of a best friend is so beautiful to experience and will last a lifetime if it’s true,” she says. “Women helping other women is very important.”

Following her groundbreaking role in television adaptation Sally Rooney “Normal people“Edgar-Jones explains that it was a year of growth for her. She was able to hone her skills and understand where she sees her career. One thing we know for sure? It will include accents. Both Edgar-Jones and Williams admit that they prefer roles where they can change their voice. ”I prefer to play with an accent. I really hate speaking in my own voice because I’m very embarrassed in my own voice, ”Edgar-Jones said.

Next for Edgar-Jones is expected hotly “Where Kravdy sings”, Adaptation The book of Delia Owens. She described the scale of production as greater than she had ever felt, and we are already looking forward to how she brings the book to life – and hear her focus in North Carolina.

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