If you were one of those people who ask some drama (me!) before the checkers flew in the Sunday race of all NASCAR stars, well … you got it!

I’m just not sure what any of us were expecting what.

“Where NASCAR really went with one, we almost got lost with (turn) 2,” said Danny Hamlin, who finished second (twice) after Ryan Blaney. “When I head it into traffic and the window net goes down, I don’t know … then they got a lawsuit.”

Well then, Danny. Please don’t hold back!

“I’m just asking you to know what rules we play by them,” he continued. “He had to win the race. He was 100 yards from winning the race. But a lot of cars didn’t win the race because of the green and white cells, the restart errors or the things that happen at the end. Things happen.”

Of course. Those things happen … but Danny, come on!

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Ryan Blaney avoided a big disaster and big controversy to win a million bucks on Sunday in Texas.

NASCAR Vice President: “I wish we didn’t do that”

Good. Let’s dive in!

We’ll start here … who do you have: Danny or NASCAR?

Did the people in the tower have to throw away perhaps the dumbest yellow flag in the history of the sport seconds before Ryan Blaney crossed the line to win a million dollars?

No. Probably not. And hey, they even agree!

“I wish we didn’t do that,” said Scott Miller, senior vice president of NASCAR. “But we did, and we recognize that we probably gave up that precaution prematurely.”

GOOD. Good first step!

Ryan Blaney (12) celebrates in Victory Lane after winning the NASCAR All-Star Race on the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas, Sunday, May 22, 2022 (AP Photo / LM Otero)

Should Ryan Blaney get a black flag?

However, the real question – at least the one Danny asked when he used a blowtorch for the whole sport – was why Blaney was not convicted of dropping his window net.

Across the garage and in the cab of Fox (hey, Clint!) It was thought that returning this sucker from the car was damn almost impossible.

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