Danny Lee is the subject another internet rumor, and the singer quickly terminates her recent pregnancy. Fans of the 27-year-old singer shared rumors on the Internet that Danny Lee is expecting his second child. The conversation began after Danny shared a photo in a gray tank top dress that fitted her belly. While sitting in the picture Danny’s appearance sparked rumors that she was pregnant less than a year after the birth of her first child, Velor.

Danny often shares photos and videos of herself and her girlfriend, and has never confirmed to fans that she is pregnant.

Danny Lee has denied rumors of the pregnancy on Twitter

Danny saw the chatter about the pregnancy and closed it on Twitter about her baby’s weight.

I see I’m pregnant everywhere, no, I’m not … Yall following my belly bag, it’s so mean, lol, I’m trying to lose it okay.

The singer greeted her baby girl with rapper Da Baby last August. After clearing up rumors that she was pregnant again, fans jumped to Dani’s defense. Many felt the rumors were tasteless, prompting her to have recently given birth. “You always think someone is pregnant,” one commenter wrote. Another shared in Danny’s defense: “She’s just had a baby, leave her alone.”

Transition after a dispute with DaBaby

In case you missed it: DannyLea recently shared her feelings after a public quarrel with the daughter’s daughter Debbie, expressing regret. Singer said Angie Martinez she did not want their child to grow up and see the find online in the future. If you move away from embarrassment, Danny Lee is ready to continue his life.

“It was very disturbing, very sad,” she said. “I want this not to happen because I don’t want my child to see it later in life. But she will grow up to be her own person and will be able to accept everything. ”

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