Denver, CA (AP)

Firefighters extinguished a fire that burned several rows of seats and a luxury area at Denver Broncos Stadium on Thursday.

The fire broke out on the fourth level in Empower Field in Mile High just after 2pm and spread to the third level where at least six rows of seats in two sections burned. Firefighters quickly took control of the fire, but tried to determine whether it had spread to other areas of the football stadium, which holds 76,125 people.

Representatives of the stadium said in a statement on Twitter that the fire occurred in the construction area near the East Club Lounge. At least 100 people attended the event at the second level, but otherwise the stadium was empty.

About 75 firefighters were on the scene in the midst of the fire. There are no victims.

Footage from the news helicopter showed several firefighters using water hoses to extinguish the flames, causing a large club of black smoke to escape from a stadium near downtown Denver. The Denver Fire Department has tweeted several photos showing a large flame spreading across the recreation area.

Captain Greg Pixley, a spokesman for the fire department, said it appears the fire broke out in the room but was partially extinguished by a sprinkler system. It then extends to the seats, which are made of plastic.

“This type of plastic, which consists of seats, burns not only with considerable fury, a very large flame, but also produces a huge amount of black smoke,” he said.

Investigators do not say what caused the fire, which burned at least 1,000 square feet (93 square meters).

In January 2002, a torch of a welder was blamed for the fact that a similar fire broke out in January 2002, which burned down the plastic seats in the west stands of the old Mile High Stadium.

“Our firefighters have experience in fighting this type of fire. … Whenever you have a fire at the top level, you will have to move a large amount of equipment into that environment. So our firefighters brought a number of heavy pieces of hoses and equipment, drinks and the like to help them put out the fire, ”Pixley said Thursday.

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