The request for information about a person who disappeared three years ago has been renewed. Porter Albert was last seen in North Fort Myers parking lot along Cleveland Ave.

Detectives were handing out fliers on Friday in hopes of remembering someone and getting new information on the case.

Porter Albert Missing Person Leaflet.

For those close to Albert and for all who knew him, not knowing what happened to him is difficult to cope with.

“There’s a big void in my life without him today,” said Jim Damalik, Albert’s best friend.

Porter Albert
Porter Albert

“When someone dies, it’s okay, because they have returned with God. But to have them floating in space, you know, not knowing,” said Diane Albert Hall, Albert’s ex-wife.

Fort Myers police officers were working in the 3000 block of Cleveland Avenue, handing out flyers in an area Albert was known to frequent.

Tiffany Contetable. (Credit: Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

Besides Albert, there is a picture on the flyer Tiffany Contetable.

“Yes, civilized. Contestable has been a hoax since day one of this investigation. And I am 100% certain that she has something to do with his disappearance,” said Fort Myers Police Detective Vincent Doyle.

Detectives questioned Contetable days after Albert’s disappearance after they learned she was still driving his car.

Police believe Albert helped Contestable get through hard times.

“This is the man who helped Tiffany and her mother transition from living in the woods to having their own residence,” Doyle said.

Constable has now moved to Arkansas and changed her name.

“I couldn’t imagine because he did so much for this family, for a mother and a daughter,” Damalik said.

“From what friends and family described him as a very kind man who would give the last dollar in his pocket to someone who needed it on the street. And I tell the same story over and over because he was so good. And I hope someone remembers his kindness,” Doyle said.

If you have any information regarding Albert’s disappearance, you can contact the Fort Myers Police Department or the Southwest Florida Bureau of Crime Stoppers.

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