The Los Angeles Dodgers ride right now. They’ve been good all season, but it feels like they’ve achieved a new transfer in their dominance.

We go to the match against on Tuesday Washington NationalsThe Dodgers won 15 games in May, including a series of seven games that ended on Sunday.

Ben Verlander spoke further ‘Flippin’ Bats’ about why he thinks the Dodgers are finally scratching the surface and putting things together.

Why the Dodgers didn’t start scratching the surface of I Flippin ’Bats

The Los Angeles Dodgers are leading the NL West and are only going to improve. Ben Verlander talks about the Dodgers ’recent winning streak and why they are one of the best teams in MLB.

“This offense turned him on and started going,” Verlander said. “Now they are the first and only team to have won several of six or more games. The last time they won seven, and Flour Bates it’s the one who wears them now. “

Betts slowly started the season but bounced back and introduced the Dodgers to attack.

“He was one of the reasons I said they hadn’t scratched the surface in the past,” Verlander said.

Last week, Bates reached 0.393 with three home runs and eight IRBs. According to statistics, Bates plays as the best baseball player that many expected to start the season.

During their winning streak of seven games the Dodgers spent all four games against Arizona Diamondbacks and won three of four against Philadelphia Phyllis.

Also during this series, the Dodgers scored 6.43 wounds per game, first in the Major League Baseball, and their percentage at base was 0.368, which was also the best in baseball.

“Flour Bates goes back to his MVP-like days, and the last week has become dominant for the Los Angeles Dodgers,” Verlander said. “They are [Dodgers] were the best team on paper and they go through the regular season and then it didn’t lead to success in the playoffs ”.

Yes, the Dodgers have won the NL Championship, but, as Verlander notes, at the moment it is a championship or a bust.

“They have to win the division title … and they have to get to the World Series,” Verlander said. “Anything other than that, in my opinion, is a failure.”

The Dodgers had been in this boat before. They were the best team in baseball. Experts predict that they will win everything in recent seasons.

They had talent through the roof, and this season they may have more.

Will it be the year when they put it together and go to the World Series, or will there be another disappointing early exit?

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