Disney has been accused of expressing LGBTQ + content from movies Pixaranimation giant and Disney subsidiary, in the process of editing.

A letter from a group of employees of Pixar – the studio behind Toy Story, The Incredibles and Inside Out – claims that Disney executives “banned” moments of commitment to gays in movies before their release.

The letter, signed by LGBTQIA + Pixar staff and their allies, reads: “We at Pixar have personally witnessed beautiful stories full of different characters returning from Disney corporate reviews, shaved to the last detail.”

It adds: “Almost every moment of open commitment to gays is stopped by order of Disney … Even if the creation of LGBTQ + content was a response to the correction of discriminatory legislation in the world, we are forbidden to create it.”

First reported by Jud Legum from popular informationThe statement is the latest development crisis for Disney, caused by the company’s reaction to the controversial bill “Do not say gay” which was passed by the Florida Legislature on Tuesday. Officially known as the Bill on Parental Rights in Education, it seeks to ban the teaching of sexual identity and gender orientation in primary education, as well as “in a way that does not correspond to the age or development of students.” The wording of the latter has been attacked as so vague that it can effectively allow parents to prevent discussion of topics at any age. The bill is currently awaiting signature from Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The letter came in response to a company note sent by Disney CEO Bob Chapek on Monday after Disney failed to make a public statement against the bill, and the revelations that every politician who sponsored the bill received donations from Disney. Chapek defended the lack of opposition to the bill, saying: “Corporate statements do little to change results or consciousness … they can be counterproductive and undermine more effective ways to achieve change.” He added: “I believe that the best way for our company to achieve lasting change is inspiring content that we create, the culture of hospitality that we create, and the diverse community organizations that we support.”

Noting that Disney already ceased business in Russia after the invasion of Ukraine and threatened to boycott Georgia over 2016 religious freedom billa group of Pixar employees says the company’s claims are “ring empty”.

Chapek, who became CEO of Disney in 2020 after Robert Eiger resigned, is believed to want to back down from the kind of propaganda that flourished under Iger, with Hollywood Reporter offers that Chapek is “concerned that Disney may be seen as too liberal.”

Contact Disney for an answer.

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