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“Bling Empire” somehow managed to surpass itself even more chaotic second season. From The constant hostility of Anna Shay and Christine Chiu office The shocking release of Gray Chan and Jesse Leealmost everyone had their share of drama this season, including newcomer Dorothy Wang.

A television personality and entrepreneur who previously starred in the series E! “Rich Kids from Beverly Hills” from 2014 to 2016, decided to join the Netflix series after seeing all the comments from people who told her she should be in it. When the first season came out, there were a lot of reviews. Everyone said, “Why isn’t Dorothy in” Bling Empire? ” and not that everyone convinced me, but people like me, “says Van POPSUGAR.” Everyone just wanted to see me appear on it, and it didn’t seem like the worst thing that could be done. “

Although both The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and The Bling Empire revolve around the luxurious lives of a group of people living in Los Angeles, Van had a completely different experience in the Netflix series. She explains: “With Rich Kids I’ve had a lot of long-standing relationships with everyone. I was friends with everyone for at least five or six years before going to the show. [‘Bling Empire’], I just meet everyone, so for me it’s very familiar. This is me reviewing an existing group of friends. ”

Wang acknowledges Chiu’s partner and executive producer for taking her under his wing and introducing her to everyone in the group. She also says she’s really attached Jaime Xiewhich we see in the show. “We are very similar in that we are both very direct. We are very honest and we are also very relaxed, ”Wang said of Xie. “We’re not really trying to play too much into what the rest of what everyone is acting about.”

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However, one person Wang just couldn’t get along with was Kane Lim – despite Xie’s failed attempt to try to get them together for dinner. According to Lima, she and Wang knew each other through mutual friends before filming the show. Recently interview with People, real estate agent said there was never peace with Wang because “she was never good to me.” But Wang says that’s not the case. “It lasted for years and I just politely declined and politely declined [to go to lunch] . . . In 10 years, it’s the same thing, “explains Wang.” It just grew into something that wasn’t fair and true. He paints this picture, which did not correspond to reality. And then he said that because I became famous, I stopped being good to him, but we were never friends. “

According to Wang, in fact Lim was angry with her friends, not the other way around. “Nothing really happens to him. And in life I feel like you choose friends and you only have a limited amount of time in your day and you have to be close to people you love and appreciate and who you are close to. “Friends. I have a lot of friends in my life. I’m sure he has. So why should we keep trying to force this friendship, which we don’t have? It obviously shouldn’t be,” Wang said, adding, “Maybe it looks a little harsh: “Why is she so tense and so angry?” But it’s a turning point when I just feel like I’m constantly being pushed towards a friendship or a meeting where I’ve clearly stated my position and set my boundaries a million times before ” .

However, the star of “Bling Empire” does not intend to study relations with Lim in the future. “I don’t think we’re cut from the same fabric,” Wang says of Lima. “I don’t think we have anything in common. I don’t think we should be. We’re just very different people.”

However, she learned some important lessons during her time on the show. “I’ve learned that I’m not very good at people I don’t want to be with. “It’s important to stand up for yourself and always express your opinion and just stick to guns.”

Since the filming of the second season of “Bling Empire” ended, Wang moved to New York, so the probability of her return in the third season is not very high. “I live in New York and hang out with a new fantasy team and have the best time,” says Wang, teasing, “Maybe there will be another empire.”

The second season of “Bling Empire” is available for broadcast on Netflix.

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