Dua Lipa is poised to take first place in this year’s unofficial Halloween costume contest. October 27″Potion making– radiated the singer Fast and Furious atmosphere in a sleek racing suit that doubled as a realistic Halloween costume. The Givenchy two-piece looked like a garment straight out of a NASCAR racetrack, complete with a colored jacket covered in American flag patches and nods to the brand up and down the arms and legs. “TOKYO DRIFT,” she captioned the photos on Instagram of herself posing in an elegant suit.

The drop in temperature hasn’t stopped celebrities from embracing the see-through bodysuit trend. From Hailey Bieber to Laurie Harvey, there’s evidence everywhere that the barely-there style has survived, but Lipa managed to mix fashion and function seamlessly with her functional pre-Halloween costume on Thursday. She wore a red and white racing suit over sheer, cutout bodysuit and completed the outfit with a chunky gold chain necklace with a massive lock pendant, multiple rings and hoop earrings.

Adding a final touch of 2000s style, Lipa also sported dramatic smoky eyeshadow with bright red accents at the corners of her eyes and her hair pulled back into a spiky bun. She sported a gray and pink checkered manicure that made the entire outfit worthy of a top spot at the speedway.

Other celebrities who received the same excited about Halloween this year include Kylie Jenner in full batman costume Jojo Siva in the magical form of Draco Malfoy, and Aubrey Plaza in a hybrid vampire-witch ensemble.

Check out the realistic Lipa race car driver suit from all angles here.

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