No one is going to convince Emma Stone not to show their team spirit – even a stadium full of passionate Mets fans. On Friday Kamenny and her husband, Dave McCarey, were spotted at Citi Field in New York on Friday during Game 1 of the Wild Card Series between the San Diego Padres and the New York Mets. Despite being firmly in Mets territory, the pair didn’t let that stop them from showing their Padre pride.

During the game, Stone and McCarey appeared on the Jumbotron, where the entire stadium saw them wearing Padre bomber jackets. In the video he shared ESPN on Instagram, the pair’s outfit was met with loud cheers from the many Mets fans in attendance at the game. However, they didn’t seem bothered at all. In fact, the Oscar winner and her husband fired up the crowd.

​​​​​​While Mets fans may not have been amused, Padres general manager Eric Groipner enjoyed the moment. “Style, grace and good taste… Emma is always welcome @PetcoPark,” he wrote on Twitter next to a photo of Stone showing off her bomber jacket. The team’s official Twitter account shared the same image, along with a photo of the actor and McCurry during the game. “Big fans of these fans,” Padres tweeted. “Hi Dave and Emma! 👋”

For the most part, Stone keeps his personal life out of the spotlight, but the social media-averse star always seems to make an exception for his beloved Padres. In 2021, she and McCarey joined announcers Mark Grant and Don Arcillo in the booth during a San Diego Padres game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. “It’s great to meet Academy Award winner for Best Actress Emma Stone and her husband Dave McCarey from Saturday Night Live.” Arcila tweeted next to a photo he took of the couple.

The Padres may want to invite Stone to all of their games. Not only did the team win in 2021 when she was in attendance, they also beat the Mets on Friday. She may have been booed, but Team Stone still won.