R&B singer Armon Warren responded to DJ Akademiks shared his unsolicited opinion about him and his relationship with Regina Carter and called her the “b” word.

In case you missed it, DJ Akademiks appears to have spoken negatively about the couple during a live stream with subscribers, comparing Ar’mon, a singer with his own YouTube fame, to JFN LuchiRegina’s incarcerated rapper ex-boyfriend.

“She loved YFN Luchi […] she loved a hooded ni**a. He had “bandit life” written on his chest. You know these bitches, let me not call her that, you know these chicks love a hooded ni**er. All was well with him until she realized he caught RICO. Regina [inaduble] with some ni**er named Armon. She was even demoted. She doesn’t like thugs anymore.”

Academics have already explainedBreakfast Club that he didn’t necessarily call Regina Carter an ab**ch. He admitted saying the word, but quickly retracted it.

Ar’mon reacts to Akademiks calling Reginae AB****

Ar’mon exclusively responded to the Academics’ comments in an exclusive chat with Shadow room for teenagers. When asked if he had anything to say to Aku, Armon first replied:

“Who said what, what’s his name? i I heard… but I didn’t pay attention.”

Regina then blamed Akademiks for seemingly praising the “thug life” while trying to condemn him live.

“To the young people of this generation, because a lot of you think it’s cool [to be] gangster. A grown man takes care of his family, and a gangster will take care of his children… not disrespecting women, not calling her names.”

Warren continued, calling Regina “a beautiful young lady.” When “Academics” called him “unknown,” the popular YouTube creator responded:

“I feel like he didn’t do his research. I don’t care so much about not proving anything. I just don’t understand what he expected from me.”

Apartments, press play to watch the entire exclusive interview. Do YOU ​​agree with Ar’mon defending his relationship with Regina??