Ashanti is back and obviously aging backwards.

The princess of rhythm and blues is back in the studio with the rapper Yung Bluewho co-wrote and produced the song and gave us the new single, ‘In love with you.’

In this exclusive clip obtained by Shadow room, we see Ashanti and her man arguing about another woman. Ashanti in black underwear, giving us a nail move, a shapely face and a flawless wig, sings that she’s tired of falling in love with the man she’s in love with.

The official video will be released at midnight on November 28 and the song is now available for advance order. Apartments, are you all waiting for this?

Cover Credits: Written Entertainment/ Visuals Io

Video Credit: Editing: Ashanti, Dave Miranda.

A collaboration between Iovisual and @consciouscreationph

Document +

Sound score: Pat

Digital Graphics/CGI: Anthony

Creative Director: Kenashia “Shia” Douglas

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