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Expect a stormy Tuesday after a mostly dry morning


High temperatures will range from 80 to 90 degrees with partly cloudy skies. Sufficient humidity will cause our sensible temperatures to climb into the triple digits during peak heating. Boaters will find excellent conditions on the water as they can dodge storms on Tuesday. Wave heights of one to two feet are forecast in the Gulf and a slight swell in our bays.

Thunderstorms are expected in places in the afternoon. After a few morning showers, isolated thunderstorms will develop along the coast in the afternoon and afternoon. They will increase in strength and range through the late afternoon and evening before moving inland after sunset. Chances of rain will begin to fall soon after sunset. Severe weather is not expected during these storms.

In the tropics, we observe two areas of disturbed weather. One with a low (20%) chance off the coast of Africa over the next five days. The second breach is now at a low (30%) to become named by Sunday. This system is worth watching. However, it is too early to determine its possible path. The disturbances are about 3,000 miles from SW Florida and pose no *immediate* threat to us. The next name on our 2022 storm names list is Fiona.

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