Joe Budden admitted to faking condoms during sex on a recent episode of his podcast, and social media isn’t letting him go.

The 42-year-old rapper and podcast host is now trending after telling friends that he “pretended to wear a condom before.” Shadow room reports.

“I even went to the corner and pretended to put on a condom,” the rapper laughed. “(I) 1,000 percent (did it.)”

Baden called ‘sick’ for admitting he faked using condoms while having sex with women

His podcast guest even called him out on the comment, calling him “sick,” to which Baden said he used to be one, but doesn’t want to be called that nowadays.

However, this is exactly what happened.

Fans on social media dragged Baden for the confession, with some calling the act sexual assault and some even rape due to the lack of consent to use contraception.

Social Media Pulls Joe Budden Over ‘Stealing’ Comments, Budden Responds To Backlash

“Predatory behavior 😠,” one person commented. “This is a crime…” wrote another. “It’s not funny. This is (sexual) violence. And this causes FP,” said the third.

One commenter added: “To me.. this is actually the biggest deal. It’s not okay,” while another brazenly said “that’s sexual assault.”

Another noted that Baden removed the clip from all platforms because “he confessed to the crime on his podcast.”

“They removed him because theft is sexual assault and he admitted to the crime on his podcast…” wrote a commenter. “It’s a legal crime in California.”

In response to their claims, Baden jumped into The Shade Room’s comments and stated, “You really want to put all black people in jail lol.”

His indifference to criticism caused an even bigger tinge, with social media users writing “no, only you” in droves.

“Wow🤦🏽‍♀️ way to take responsibility,” one person commented. “(Only) specifically YOU,” wrote another. “Well, only the ones who do that stupid shit. 🗣TO THE SOUND!”

Another added: “Let’s be clear: fake wearing a condom during sex is called ghosting and it instantly turns a consensual act into rape. This is for you, Joe Budden!”

Removing a condom without consent is a crime in California, Germany and the UK

Non-consensual condom removal or “stealthing” is the practice of a man removing the condom during non-consensual intercourse when his partner has consented to condom-only sex.

(Photo by Friso Gentsch/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Victims are exposed to sexually transmitted infections (STIs), such as HIV/AIDS, or unwanted pregnancies.

As of 2020, stalking is punishable as a form of sexual assault in some countries, such as Germany and the UK.

Outside of California, the laws in the United States do not specifically cover “stealth” and as of 2017, there have been no known court cases about it.

What do you think, Roomers? Did Joe Budden confess to a crime?