The federal prosecutor’s office said that 36-year-old Fernando Angel Puga from New Mexico was found guilty of stealing a working Texas food truck and attacking it with a machete.

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A food truck worker in El Paso, Texas, offered to help when two men approached him asking for a ride to a nearby gas station, federal officials said.

The men, armed with a handgun and a machete, then seized his car and forced him to drive them to Las Cruces, New Mexico, prosecutors said.

36-year-old Fernando Angel Puga of Las Cruces was found guilty on Tuesday, May 24, on charges including car theft and theft in the 2017 crime, according to a press release from the U.S. East Texas Attorney’s Office.

Puga and Sergio Ivan Kinanes-Venegas, 38, from Mexico, approached the man and told him their car had broken down, prosecutors said.

When he agreed to take them to the gas station, they forced him with weapons and knives to take them about 45 miles north to Las Cruces, the release said.

As soon as they arrived, Puga attacked the man with a machete, causing him skull injuries, lacerations and stab wounds, prosecutors said.

The whip threatens life imprisonment, the release said. Kinanes-Venegas pleaded guilty to car theft in February and faces up to 25 years in prison.

Puga’s lawyer had no contact information.

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