The Department of Transportation’s internal watchdog said Tuesday it is launching an investigation into the surge in flight cancellations and delays that have occurred since the pandemic.

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The Office of Inspector General’s audit will focus on the federal agency’s role in those cancellations, not the airlines. The IG memo said more than “30,000 delayed and canceled flights were related to National Airspace System issues such as heavy traffic and air traffic control.”

He identified disruptions that occurred over the summer and Christmas holidays and pointed to staffing levels and the weather as contributing factors. The IG wants to find out both the reasons for the delays and cancellations and the accuracy of the government’s data on flight disruptions.

Southwest Airlines is under scrutiny as a wave of flight cancellations continues at LAX across the country

“We are initiating this audit to inform Congress and the general public about the causes of these events. This will be the first in a series of audits to understand and evaluate flight delays and cancellations, as well as the actions of the Department of Transportation to eliminate them,” the memo said. stated.

The IG plans to conduct its work at DOT and FAA headquarters.

The IG also announced a separate audit of the FAA’s planned NextGen Air Traffic System Modernization Action, a multibillion-dollar infrastructure program.

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