Primary school teacher was delivered to hospital last week after an alleged attack on a five-year-old child Florida, said the authorities.

Police report seen The Independent said a Pine Lakes elementary school child was taken to an empty room to “cool off” on Wednesday last week when they pounced on a teacher.

No one was named in the heavily edited police report he first reported. NBC News on Monday, and details are still limited.

Local news on Monday Identified by WSVN teacher in the role of Trisha Meadows. The report said Ms. Meadows had returned from the hospital but had previously been attacked by a student.

Police allegedly called a school in Pembroke Pines last week and found the adult “clearly weak and dazed” and “leaning” against a wall, the report said.

However, the victim was unable to “react loudly or show signs of response” and, according to an edited police report, was “weak”, “stunned” and “sensitive”.

The victim was then transferred to Memorial Regional Hospital and, according to the Pembroke Police Department, was released from the hospital by Monday.

The incident allegedly began when a child began “throwing things” and “overturning chairs” in a classroom at a school located about 15 miles southwest of downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Although no changes were made to the five-year-old child, according to a police report, the child was allegedly the cause of the “aggravated assault with his hands, fists and feet.”

They told the police department The Independent that the investigation is ongoing.

Meanwhile, the school district of Broward shared a statement by Pine Lakes principal Susan Sass, who informed parents about the “incident at school” last Wednesday, according to NBC News.

“Our campus was under guard at all times during the incident,” Ms. Sasse told her parents. “As always, the health, safety and well-being of our students and staff continue to be my top priority.”

Told in the school district The Independent in a statement: “The safety of our faculty, staff and students has always been a top priority of the district. On Wednesday, March 2, an incident occurred at Pines Lakes Elementary School as a result of which a teacher was taken to a local hospital. The situation was investigated by Pembroke Pines police and considered in accordance with county protocols. Due to privacy laws, the county is unable to provide additional information and is being referred to Pembroke Pines Police. ”

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