A Florida the widow asks the public for information after her husband as well Microsoft manager, was shot dead.

Jared Breedgan, 33, was killed in February when he was ambushed and shot dead in the suburbs of a North Florida couple.

Now 30-year-old Kirsten Breedgan is looking for answers after her husband’s death, which occurred in the field of view of their two-year-old daughter.

On February 16, Mr. Bridgan was killed when he got out of the family car to remove a tire from the roadway in the Sanctuary area of ​​Jacksonville Beach.

At the time, the father’s car had a two-year-old girl from the Bexley couple. Just around 7.30pm Mr Breidegan sent his nine-year-old twins Abby and Liam to his ex-wife’s house and he was heading home to his wife and seven-month-old baby in London.

According to police, several shots could be heard on security camera footage from neighbors’ homes shortly before 8 p.m. After several calls in 911, police arrived at the scene.

Law enforcement said the attacker was about three or four feet away when they shot Mr Breidegan while he was standing near the door of the driver of his black Volkswagen Atlas SUV.

Police have suggested that Mr Bridgan may have been the target, and they have previously published photos of a dark Ford F-150 truck that they believe may be linked to the crime.

The Jacksonville Beach Police Department has released images of a truck that they believe may have been involved in the shooting.

(Jacksonville Beach Police Department / Facebook)

The Jacksonville Beach Police Department is investigating when a tire was put on the roadway to force Mr. Breidegan to leave his car.

Neither the suspects nor the motives have been identified yet. Detective Jacksonville Beach Detective, Sergeant David Young, told News 4 JAX that “there is a reason why he was stopped there. No wonder there is a bus in the middle of the road ”.

“So we believe that in that aspect, we believe he was the target,” he added. “It was specific, [Mr Bridegan] used this route all the time. Anyone [killed him] knew the route. “

At the time, Mr. Breidegan was working as a customer service manager at Microsoft. Prior to becoming a full-time mom, Ms. Breidegan also worked for the company as a work manager. They married in 2017.

Sergeant Tonya Tatar told DailyMail.com that “murder of this nature is very unusual” in Jacksonville Beach, adding that she could not recall the last murder in the area.

“The fact that I don’t remember the deadlines shows,” she said on Thursday. “Not that any of them are not important, but we do not have such cases regularly.”

Ms Breidegan told Fox News that the killing was an example of “pure cowardice and evil”.

“Do it where he didn’t even have a chance to fight back, and it was done in front of his daughter’s eyes,” she said. “I would ask everyone who knows anything to speak.”

“I still have hope that we’ll catch the people who did it, but it’s unfortunate that two months have passed and the one who did it is still doing whatever he wants and we’re still looking for answers.” she added. office News 4 JAX.

“Someone there knows what happened, or knows someone who was involved, and we ask them to do the right thing,” said Sergeant Tatar.

“I don’t sleep all night and think,‘ Why? Was there a hint that this would happen? ‘ No, ”Ms. Bridegan said News 4 JAX.

She told Fox News that her two-year-old daughter, who was in the car at the time of the murder, “says a lot about the sound. She says, “I needed to plug my ears.” When she talks about what happened, she calls it a “boom.” She says, “Boom! Boom! Boom! Dad on earth ”.

“She has some really hard and good days,” she told News 4. “She just has a lot of questions I can’t answer. She asked me where Dad was. She asked me why he was not there. And I’m just saying that her dad’s body hasn’t recovered. “

The Independent turned to Microsoft for comment.

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