LOS ANGELES – University football is just around the corner, and FOX Sports has a number of super-heavyweight games for next season.

On Thursday, FOX Sports announced a selection of games from the Football College Network’s schedule for 2022, featuring the best games from The Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and Mountain West conferences.

For the first time in history, “Big Noon Kickoff” will travel every week of the season, watching the best matches of the day from campuses across the country at 10 a.m. ET on FOX. Behind “Kickoff” follows “Big Noon Saturday”, the main match in the network every week and the most viewed window of the 2021 general football championship in any network.

We start the season strong

In the 1st week, Penn State takes over Purdue on Thursday, September 1, at 8pm on ET on FOX. The crews of “Big Noon Kickoff” and “Big Noon Saturday” depart for West Lafayette, Indiana, with lighting before the game at 19:00 ET.

Also emphasizing the September shale, Texas hosts Alabama on Saturday, September 10, at noon on ET. Lighting before the on-site game will begin at 10 a.m. ET. It will be the first time Alabama will appear in the regular season on FOX, and the first meeting between Steve Sargsyan and Nick Saban since Sargsyan left Alabama to lead the Longhorns.

Another huge match will take place in the 3rd week on Saturday, September 17th, when Oklahoma goes to Lincoln to take over Nebraska. Lighting before the on-site game begins at 10 a.m. ET, and the game begins at noon ET. Last year, Nebraska scared Oklahoma at Norman’s “Great Noon Saturday” in their first game since the 2010 Big 12 championship game. The game launches unprecedented student football four times on FOX, the first in broadcast history.

Thanksgiving on FOX

The regular season of the FOX Sports College of Football concludes the weekend with Thanksgiving for the hottest competitions in the sport – Ohio against Michigan – on Saturday, November 26, at 12.00 on ET on FOX. “The Game” is part of a historic weekend program on FOX that also includes New York Giants against Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving as well 2022 FIFA World Cup the group stage match between England and USA and a Pac-12 football match between them UCLA and Cal on Friday, Nov. 25, and Game of America Week on Sunday, Nov. 27.

Weekend championship on FOX

FOX Sports is home to three conference champions, starting with the Pac-12 Championship on Friday, December 2, and the Mountain West Championship on Saturday, December 3., and the Big Ten Championship later that day.

Additional highlights of the 2022 FOX College football season:

  • In the first football game at FOX Sports College in the 2022 season. Nebraska takes over Northwest in Dublin, Ireland, at the Aer Lingus College Football Classic on Saturday, August 27, at FOX.
  • On Saturday, September 10, FS1 will host two great matches like Houston takes over Texas Tech in the battle of future rivals of the Great 12, and Mississippi faces Arizona in Mike Lich’s first game against rival Pac-12 after his departure Washington State.
  • Historic Quadruple Week 3 on FOX leads Oklahoma-Nebraska at noon and then BYU on Oregon at 15:30 ET, Toledo in Ohio at 7 p.m. on ET and Fresno State on USC at 10:30 p.m. ET.
  • On the Friday after Thanksgiving, in addition to the loaded FOX lineup, FS1 will be unveiled Arizona against Arizona, while BTN will have Iowa against Nebraska in the game Heroes.

Check out the confirmed schedule below. The rest of the schedule will be announced over the course of the season.


All ET hours

Saturday, August 27th

12:00: FOX Football College Prelude (FOX)
12:30: Nebraska vs. Northwest in Dublin, Ireland (FOX)
16:00: UConn in Utah (FS1)
16:00: Wyoming, Illinois (BTN)

Thursday, September 1st

19:00: FOX Football College Prelude (FOX)
20:00: Penn State in Purdue (FOX)

19:00: Central Michigan, Oklahoma (FS1)
22:30: Cal Poly in Fresno (FS1)

21:00: New Mexico, Minnesota (BTN)

Friday, September 2nd

20:00: Illinois, Indiana (FS1)

Saturday, September 3rd

TBD: UTEP in Oklahoma (FOX)

12pm: South Dakota, Iowa (FS1)
15:30: Tulsa in Wyoming (FS1)
19:00: Illinois Street in Wisconsin (FS1)
22:30: Kent in Washington (FS1)

12:00: Buffalo in Maryland (BTN)
15:30: North Dakota, Nebraska (BTN)

Saturday, September 10th

10:00: Big Lunch (FOX)
12:00: Alabama in Texas (FOX)
15:30: Washington State, Wisconsin (FOX)

12 pm: Duke of the Northwest (FS1)
16:00: Houston at the Texas Technology Center (FS1)
19:30: South Georgia to Nebraska (FS1)
11pm: Mississippi, Arizona (FS1)

12 p.m.: Arkansas, Ohio (BTN)
12:00: Western Illinois, Minnesota (BTN)
16:00: Iowa in Iowa (BTN)
16:00: Akron on Michigan Street (BTN)
16:00: Indiana Street in Purdue (BTN)
16:00: Wagner at Rutgers (BTN)
20:00: Hawaii in Michigan (BTN)
20:00: Idaho in Indiana (BTN)

Saturday, September 17th

10:00: Big Lunch (FOX)
12:00: Oklahoma, Nebraska (FOX)
15:30: BYU in Oregon (FOX)
19:00: Toledo on Ohio Street (FOX)
22:30: Fresno State at USC (FOX)

12pm: Texas at Baylor (FS1)
16:00: UT-Martin in Boise (FS1)
19:30: SMU in Maryland (FS1)
11pm: North Dakota, Arizona (FS1)

12pm: Western Kentucky Indiana (BTN)
12:00: Southern Illinois and Northwest (BTN)
15:30: New Mexico, Wisconsin (BTN)
19:30: Nevada in Iowa (BTN)

Thursday, September 22nd

20:30: Chattanooga in Illinois (BTN)

Friday, September 23rd

20:00: Nevada in the Air Force (FS1)

Friday, September 30th

20:00: San Diego State in Boise (FS1)

Friday, October 7th

19:00: Nebraska at Rutgers (FS1)
10:30 pm: Colorado, Nevada (FS1)

Thursday, October 13th

19:00: Baylor in West Virginia (FS1)

Thursday, October 27th

10pm: Utah, Washington (FS1)

Friday, November 11th

21:30: Colorado at USC (FS1)

Friday, November 18th

TBA: San Diego, New Mexico (FS1)

Friday, November 25th

4:30 pm: UCLA of California (FOX)

15:00: Arizona State of Arizona (FS1)
10pm: Wyoming on Fresno Street (FS1)

16:00: Nebraska in Iowa (BTN)

Saturday, November 26th

10:00: Big Lunch (FOX)
12pm: Michigan, Ohio (FOX)

Friday, December 2nd

19:00: Pac-12 Championship Championship (FOX)
20:00: Pac-12 Championship: TBD Teams (FOX)

Saturday, December 3

16:00: Mountain West Championship: TBD Teams (FOX)
19:30: Big Ten Championship (FOX)
20:00: Big Ten Championship: TBD (FOX)

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