British secular lioness Gislen Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years in prison for luring young girls to massage parlors for a disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein to bother.

The 60-year-old man looked straight ahead and showed no emotion as a New York County District Judge handed down a verdict in front of a crowded public gallery.

Her accusers came face to face with her on Tuesday when several women read in court statements about beatings by victims, describing her as a “manipulative, cruel and ruthless person.”

Maxwell lured young girls to massage parlors for Epstein for sexual assault (US Department of Justice / Pennsylvania)

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Maxwell, whom the prosecution called “dangerous” during her three-week trial last year, helped draw vulnerable teens to Epstein’s various sexual assault traits between 1994 and 2004.

At Tuesday’s hearing, the secular lioness apologized to the victims, saying she hoped her verdict would allow them “peace and finality.”

Maxwell said the meeting with Epstein was “the greatest regret of my life” and that she wanted to “acknowledge the suffering” of her victims.

“I know that my relationship with Epstein will follow and tarnish me forever,” she said, speaking in court a few minutes before sentencing.

“It’s the biggest regret in my life that I’ve ever met Jeffrey Epstein.”

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Addressing her victims directly, she said: “To you, to all the victims who came to court today and outside … I am very sorry for the pain you experienced.

“I hope my sentence … will bring you closure … peace and finality. To help you put that experience in a place that will help you move forward. ”

Maxwell said knowing the consequences of her crimes “tortures me every day” and that she hopes the verdict “will bring this horrible chapter to an end and … help you move from darkness to light”.

The jury heard that before the sexual massage with Epstein, a secular lioness called a 14-year-old girl to an orgy, groped for another victim and dressed the schoolgirl for the third prosecutor, because “she thought it would be fun.”

In December last year, she was convicted of five crimes, including sex trafficking in minors, conspiracy to encourage a minor to travel to engage in illegal sexual activities, and conspiracy to transport a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity.

Sentenceing Maxwell to 20 years in prison, Judge Alison Nathan told the court that she had “repeatedly and for many years been involved in a horrific trafficking scheme against young girls, some as young as 14.”

Gislen Maxwell with Jeffrey Epstein (US Department of Justice)

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Judge Nathan said it was important that, although “Epstein was central to the scheme,” she was not convicted “as a trustee” for him.

She said: “The defendant’s behavior … was disgusting and predatory.

“Ms. Maxwell worked with Epstein to select young victims who were vulnerable and played a key role in promoting sexual violence.”

Continuing her sentencing, Judge Nathan told the court, “The damage done to these girls was incalculable.”

The judge said Maxwell’s victims were forced to endure “the painful, horrific and long-lasting consequences of this injury.”

She continued: “Those who engage in and facilitate sexual violence will be prosecuted under the law.

“Rich or powerful, no one is above the law.”

Maxwell arrived with handcuffs around her ankles that rattled as she made her way to her seat in the courtroom.

The hearing heard how she was able to pay a fine for a will of $ 10 million left to her by Epstein when he died.

Four of Maxwell’s victims, Annie Farmer, Sarah Ransom, Elizabeth Stein and a prosecutor known by the pseudonym “Kate” also read out in court statements about the assault on the victim.

Kate decided to read a statement different from the one that was submitted in writing, saying, “Manipulative, cruel and ruthless man.

“Today, for the first time, I am standing with my sisters, trapped by an injury I would not wish on anyone.

“Anyone who has even had a difficult father or an abusive father does not justify trafficking minors sexually.

“Gislen’s lack of remorse or responsibility is exactly how we can say she doesn’t consider what she did wrong.

“She doesn’t regret it and she would do it again.”

Throughout the trial, the court heard her introduce a “culture of silence … by design” in Epstein’s property, where officers were told “see nothing, hear nothing and say nothing.”

Gislen Maxwell with Jeffrey Epstein (US Department of Justice)

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Judge Nathan said she agreed that Maxwell informed officers at Epstein Palm Beach Florida’s place of residence to be “blind, deaf-mute”.

One Maxwell’s prosecutors, who testified under the pseudonym “Jane,” told the jury that not only did they lure her to an orgy at age 14, the defendant and Epstein would caress each other and giggle in front of her.

She also told the jury how Epstein would use sex toys for her, “although it hurts,” and she didn’t tell anyone about the violence because “she was horrified” and “felt cruel and ashamed”.

In court, Maxwell also heard how she told another prosecutor, who testified under the pseudonym “Caroline”, that she had “a beautiful body for Epstein and his friends.”

Carolyn said the defendant touched her breasts in Epstein’s massage parlor before telling her that she had a “wonderful physique type.”

The jury also heard how Carolyn was introduced to the predatory couple through Mrs. Juffrey, and that she was in the same room when Epstein and Mrs. Juffrey were having sex.

A third prosecutor, who testified under the pseudonym “Kate,” said Maxwell had laid out her school uniform before having a sexual massage with Epstein.

Kate said the defendant then told her to take tea from Epstein in clothes, and when asked by the prosecutor why the outfit was on her bed, Maxwell said she “thought it would be fun.”

The jury was told that Maxwell asked Kate if she knew anyone who could come to her home and have oral sex with Epstein because for her it was “a lot”.

The only prosecutor who testified under her full name, Annie Farmer, told the jury she was “frozen” when a secular lioness asked her to undress for a massage and rubbed her breasts.

Ms. Farmer said the defendant urged her to do a massage after teaching her to rub Epstein’s feet at age 16.

Maxwell’s lawyer tried to distance her from Epstein, but a series of photographs showed the couple’s close relationship.

Epstein was found dead in his cell at a federal prison in Manhattan in August 2019 while he awaited trial on human trafficking charges.

The death was considered suicide.

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