Tallahassee, Florida – Gov. Ron DeSantis is likely to sign a bill to strengthen security at a school in Sunshine soon.

Although this is happening after another mass shooting in the US, lawmakers drafted and approved the bill earlier this year following the 2018 Parkland massacre.

The legislature posted HB 1421 at the DeSantis table on Wednesday night. A Republican is a supporter of politics.

After signing it makes many changes, including;

  • Improved training of school officers who swear and do not have an oath
  • Emergency reunification plans are needed
  • This better forces districts to comply with current school safety standards
  • Extends Public Security Commission Margery Stoneman Douglas until July 2026.

The parents of the Parkland victims call it further progress after five years of school security reform.

“It will be part of the legacy of those who have been lost so that they do not die in vain,” said Tony Montalt, who heads the propaganda group Stand With Parkland. “They continue to help protect our students and teachers in Florida schools.”

Florida Democrats believe more needs to be done. Several lawmakers on Wednesday called for a general review and expansion of red flag laws.

They also condemned the governor for promising to sign a constitutional provision on transfer before resigning.

“We don’t need to move in the opposite direction to allow unauthorized carryovers,” said spokesman Carlos Guillermo Smith, Orlando. “That in Florida could turn into a snowball. It will cost lives.”

Proponents of the constitutional transposition believe that this provision eliminates the need to obtain government permission before a person can exercise the right to bear arms. Florida Republicans have said they are waiting for the bill at the next legislative session.

As for the new safety regulations at the school, with the signature of DeSantis, most of them will come into force on July 1 this year.

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