Gucci Mane continues to get better with Jeezy. Almost two years after the name was issued JeezyGucci admitted that he instantly regretted the death of his friend during their battle for Vertsuz.

“I didn’t know when I went on stage what was going to happen. [That I was gonna say that,” Gucci said. “I ain’t go up there thinking, I’m bringing negative energy. It really just came out.”

According to XXL, Gucci gave the comment at the 2022 Revolt Summit on September 25. During a Rap Radar Live panel, the artist spoke about unleashing The Truth during the battle. The 2012 diss song refers to Jeezy’s associate Henry “Pookie Loc” Lee Clark III.

Gucci shot and killed Henry during an attempted robbery in 2005. The rapper was arrested on murder charges but claimed self-defense leading to dropped charges over insufficient evidence.


Gucci Mane Felt Grateful For How The Hit-For-Hit Battle Ended 

So, given their history, the rappers sent shockwaves throughout the industry when they agreed to go hit-for-hit in November 2020. Then, Gucci rapped The Truth–prompting a speech from Jeezy about violence among the youth and being role models.

During the sit-down at the Revolt Summit, Gucci explained that he felt empowered to play the song by his ability to back up what he raps!

 “I say what I mean. So, my thing was, if I was bad enough to say it in the studio, I’m bad enough to say it in your face. That’s just how I felt personally,” he said.”

Still, he claims he regretted taking the battle in that direction.

“When I left, I felt like ‘damn, I wish I would have said what I said. But at the same time, I was like, I’m glad that we [performed So Icy at the end.] It shows that I am developing. I’m growing up. I’m not the one, – added Gucci.

And then in 2022, Gucci remembered it again… Twice

Despite regretting the moment, Gucci doubled down on his Pookie Loc comments on a song released in January 2022. The song is called rumors featuring Lil Durk.

By summer, Gucci was back to a different beat. He released the self-titled track in July Dissin the dead. In it, he criticizes the shaming of dead people in songs, while admitting his past transgressions on the matter.

“I know my tongue is a sword, I know I gotta be more careful with the shit I say/I feel like I started a trend that’s never gonna stop, they’re gonna keep blaspheming the dead,” said Sounds. “None of this shit, don’t pretend, this shit is so real, ***a get shot in the head / young shit that pops pills and does drills, we need to stop shaming the dead.”