Their unexpected return follows a dramatic Casa Amor, marked by intense recouplings and villa upheaval. Appearing on Aftersun with Maura Higgins, Kassy and Harrison shared their perspectives on rejoining the villa and their expectations going forward.

For those needing a refresher on Love Island USA’s latest twists, here’s a rundown of Kassy and Harrison’s journey so far.

Kassy Castillo from Love Island USA Season 5

Originally from Zachary, Louisiana, Kassy Castillo, 24, is a social media influencer and real estate student. She’s known for her crystal collecting hobby by day and enjoying adult bedtime stories by night. Renowned for her comedic impressions and ability to lighten any mood, Kassy is open about her romantic inclinations, often finding herself falling quickly for potential partners.

In Season 5 of Love Island USA, Kassy and Leonardo Dionicio clinched second place, narrowly missing the top spot to Hannah Wright and Marco Donatelli. Despite some turbulence due to Leonardo’s lack of loyalty in the villa, Kassy chose to stay coupled up with him until the season’s end. Post-villa, they parted ways due to distance. Notably, Kassy nearly made Love Island USA history by considering coupling up with another woman in the villa after openly revealing her bisexuality during the show.

During her chat with Maura Higgins, Kassy hinted at potentially stirring things up in the villa, stating, “Honestly, I might be interested in all of them. Kendall [Washington] might be a bit closed off, but even he was open to Sierra [Mills]. He’s a good-looking guy, let’s be honest.”

She also mentioned her connection with Rob, saying, “Rob and I have history. We’ve known each other since last summer. We tried to explore things in Casa.”

Looking ahead, Kassy emphasized her desire for a genuine connection in her return to the villa, aiming to forge something meaningful this time.

Harrison Luna from Love Island USA Season 5

Harrison Luna, 26, hails from Adelaide, South Australia, and works as a diamond dealer with stints in modeling and hospitality. He entered the Season 5 villa as a bombshell, on the lookout for his Margot Robbie. During his tenure on the show, Harrison initially coupled up with Destiny Davis and later developed a connection with bombshell Emily Chavez. Their journey on Love Island ended on Day 15.

When asked by Higgins about his interests in the villa, Harrison confidently replied, “I come in, do my thing, dress nice.”

He expressed his direct approach, stating, “I’m going in for exactly who I want. Diving headfirst to see what it’s all about.”

Transitioning to his potential interests in the villa, Harrison singled out Nicole Jacky and Catherine Marshall, noting the initial attraction and leaving room for what might follow.

As they re-enter the villa amidst shifting dynamics, Kassy and Harrison are set to add new twists to an already eventful season of Love Island USA.