Below is a list of API management tool vendors along with a brief description of their offerings.

HCL Accelerate is a value stream management platform that automates the delivery and interpretation of data so businesses can make faster, more strategic decisions and optimize processes. By integrating with the tools you already use, HCL Accelerate brings together data from across the DevOps pipeline to give you actionable insights so you can get the most out of your DevOps investment. HCL Accelerate is part of HCL Software DevOps, a comprehensive DevOps suite of powerful, industry-proven software solutions.

Octopus Deploy sets the standard for deployment automation for DevOps. We help software teams deploy freely – when and where they need to, in a streamlined, routine fashion. More than 3,000 organizations and 350,000 users worldwide use its versatile deployment automation tool and framework to facilitate end-to-end deployments. From modern containers and microservices to robust legacy applications, Octopus orchestrates software delivery across data centers, multi-clouds and hybrid IT infrastructure.

Atlasian: Bitbucket Pipelines is a modern continuous delivery cloud service that automates code from test to production. Bamboo is Atlassian’s on-premise option with first-class support for the “delivery” aspect of Continuous Delivery, tying automated builds, tests and releases together into a single workflow.

CA Technologies, Broadcom Company: CA Technologies solutions address a wide range of capabilities needed to minimize friction in the pipeline to achieve business agility and compete in today’s marketplace. These solutions include everything from application lifecycle management to release automation, continuous application testing and monitoring, and more.

Chef: Chef Automate, the leader in continuous automation, provides a platform that enables you to build, deploy and manage infrastructure and applications collaboratively. Chef Automate works with three open source Chef projects; Chef for infrastructure automation, Habitat for application automation and Inspec for compliance automation and related tools.

CloudBees: CloudBees Suite relies on continuous integration and continuous delivery automation, adding the level of management, visibility and insight needed to achieve optimal efficiency and control emerging risks. This automated software delivery system is becoming the most important business system in today’s enterprise. The company’s Deploy product helps organizations automate and standardize complex enterprise application deployments across any environment—from mainframes and middleware to containers and the cloud. Accelerate deployment with increased reliability. Enable self-service deployment while maintaining management and control.

GitLab: GitLab’s built-in continuous integration and continuous deployment offerings make it easy for developers to control test progress and build pipelines, then confidently deploy to multiple environments—with minimal human interaction.

IBM: UrbanCode Deploy accelerates the delivery of software changes to any platform – from containers in the cloud to mainframes in data centers. Manage build configurations and build infrastructure at scale. Release interdependent applications with pipelines, schedule release events, deploy multiple applications simultaneously.

Start Darkly: is a feature management platform that enables all teams to securely deliver and control software using feature flags. By separating code deployment from feature release, LaunchDarkly enables faster deployment, reduced risk, and continuous iteration. More than 1,500 organizations worldwide—including Atlassian, IBM, and Square—use LaunchDarkly to manage the entire feature lifecycle from concept to launch to cost.

Micro focus: Octane ALM provides the foundation for a quality-oriented approach to software delivery that lowers the cost of resolution, enables faster delivery, and enables adaptability at scale. Automation of deployment seamlessly automates the deployment pipeline, reducing cycle time and providing rapid feedback on deployments and releases across all your environments.

Microsoft: Microsoft Azure DevOps Services solution contains Azure pipelines for CI/CD initiatives; Azure boards for planning and tracking; Azure artifacts for creating, hosting, and sharing packages; Azure Repos for collaboration; and Azure test plans for testing and delivery.

Puppet: Puppet Pipelines provides developers with easy-to-use self-service workflows to create containers, push them to any local or remote registries, create and deploy Helm charts, and deploy containers to Kubernetes in less than 15 minutes, while providing control and visibility. into the entire software delivery pipeline and the status of each deployment.

VMware: With VMware Tanzu, you can automate the delivery of containerized workloads and proactively manage applications in production. It’s all about freeing up developers to do what they do: create great apps. Enterprises using Tanzu Advanced benefit from developer speed, code-to-client security, and operator efficiency.