Netflix’s new teen seriesHeart“already won hearts far and wide. Luckily for fans, the streamer has just announced that the magical show will get second and third seasons to continue exploring the lives of Nick, Charlie and their friends.

Fans hope that since the series’s release on April 22, the series will be released for new seasons on April 22, citing the show’s extensive source material as a good reason to continue. “Heartstopper” is based on a series of graphic novels by Alice Oseman, the first part of which was published in 2018. Since then, a total of four volumes have been published, 5 volumes (currently planned to be the last volume) scheduled release date in 2023. The first season of the Netflix film adaptation of “Heartstopper” primarily covers the plot of the first two volumes of the book series. There are two more volumes of material that have already been published, as well as another volume that will be released soon, which may be the main part of the next two seasons.

Even before the announcement of the next seasons, the creative team of the show expressed hope for another season and began to think about where the show will go next. “When we get future seasons, I definitely want to include mental health topics because that’s what’s really important in books,” Oseman said. Digital Spy April 24. The challenge of writing Heartstopper is to explore these grim issues while maintaining an optimistic tone and hope. It was a struggle to write it for me all the way. But I like to think it’s possible. I feel like I’ve achieved that in books ».

Asseman, who has been confirmed as a screenwriter and executive producer for the next two seasons, also revealed that in future seasons the scale of the story is likely to expand to involve some teachers, not just teenage students who have been at the center of the show so far . “When we get the next season, we will move on to the third volume of books. And that’s when the affair with the teacher will happen,” Oseman said in an interview on April 24. “So we already have Mr. Ajay on the show, but there’s also Mr. Farouk in the books, who’s in the third volume. And they have such an interesting friendship in the background, which eventually becomes something more.”

Although the release dates of the second and third seasons of the series have not yet been confirmed, fans may rejoice knowing that the screen story of “Heartstopper” has just begun.

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