In the seventh episode of Dragon House, Princess Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy) uses the phrase “greenery”. This is the first admission in a series of two factions that have emerged in the struggle for the throne: the Greens, who back Egon (Ty Tennant), and the blacks who support Rhaenyra. In a conversation with Renir, he mentions greenery her uncle (and soon-to-be husband) Demon (Matt Smith). But where did these names come from?

It all goes back to episode five, when Queen Alicent (then played by Emily Carey) makes a bold statement when she bursts into a welcome party for Princess Rhaenyra a wedding Art luxurious green dress. Earlier in the episode, she found out that Renyra was misled her, allowing Alicent to defend herself to her father, Viserys (Paddy Considine), and losing Alicent’s own father, Sir Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans), his seat as Hand of the King. Laris Strong (Matthew Needham) asks his brother Harvin (Ryan Corr), “The lighthouse on Hightower, do you know what color it glows when Old Town calls its flags to war?” Harvin replies, “Green.” Since then, fans of the star have noticed that Alicent only wears green, her family color, instead of the red and black of the Targaryen house.

Let’s break down the two factions, black and green, and what role they play in the Targaryen of the civil war known as A Dance of Dragons, with spoilers for George RR Martin “Fire and blood.”

Who are the green ones in “Dragon House”?

As viewers saw during House of the Dragon, Rhaenyro is technically King Viserys’ heir. However, the king did not do much to help her increase her rights. For example, when he throws a birthday party for Aegon’s child in episode three, it seems to send a message to the realm that Aegon is are real the heir And the kingdom’s sexism is widespread.

Although King Viserys is still alive in the series, Alicent has already gathered allies that Rhaenyro calls the Greens. This includes her father, Sir Chrysan Cole (Fabien Frankel), Lord Laris (who is now head of House Strong) and her three children. Claim of her son Emond the old dragon Vhagar brings some literal firepower to their side.

In Fire and Blood, when Viserys finally dies, Alicent and Ser Christon hold a small council in secret to discuss what to do. Some in the hall say the obvious Rhaenyra should be queen, but Alicent and her father still manage to crown Aegon. Those who support them are called green. In the book, their supporters also include Ser Thai Lannister and Boras Baratheon. Alicent also decides to keep Viserys’ death a secret for seven days to solidify their plans.

One change the show made from the books is at which event Alicent dons her first iconic green dress. In Fire and Blood, she wears it to a tournament celebrating her marriage to the king. Sir Kristan Cole, vying for Rhaenyra’s affections, unhorses all the queen’s champions in the tournament.

Who are the black people in Dragon House?

Rhaenyra’s side in House of the Dragon is a little less clear, but he still has some strong points. She has three children, Jakerys, Lucerys, and Joffrey, all of whom have dragons, though the dragons, like her sons, are also young. Now she has Daemon and his dragon, Cerax, and his two daughters. And since she and Damon have grandchildren Lord Corliss (Steve Toussaint) and Rhaenys (Eve Best), they can probably count on Velarion’s support.

In the book, when Rhaenyra learns that Aegon has been crowned, she creates her own council at Dragonstone, known as the black council. It includes her uncle (and husband) Daemon; her three sons from her first marriage, Jaqueris, Lucerius, and Joffrey; Lord Corlys Velarion; and Princess Rhaenys. Ser Stefan Darklin also flees King’s Landing after Aegon is named king with Viserys’ crown and brings it to Rhaenyra. While Rhaenyra may seem at a disadvantage not being in King’s Landing, she has an important advantage: she has more dragons on her side.

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