Tuesday was the last day to register to vote ahead of the November midterm elections, which were not affected by Hurricane Jan.

Like other counties in Southwest Florida, Lee County encourages early voting or voting by mail whenever possible.

They also encourage voters to re-apply for voter cards as soon as possible if they need new cards or need to be sent to new locations.

The process is expected to take only 7-10 business days after requests are made, but the sooner the better for all Ian related issues.

Lee County is still waiting on Gov. DeSantis to approve an executive order that would eliminate precinct voting on Election Day and instead allow all 12 early voting precincts to be used as “voting centers.” Voters will be allowed to submit ballots at any of the polling stations from October 24 to November 8.

WINK News asked the Lee County Elections Supervisor how many polling places were damaged or affected by Hurricane Jan. They never gave an estimate, but hinted that it was significant and said they were still taking inventory of the damage.

If your polling station has been affected and will not be available on election day, your local election manager will let you know where you can cast your vote.