Snacks named after the French snacks or butcher shops that cook and sell cold meats, serve as an upscale snack or even a delicious snack. While they may seem heavy due to seemingly endless combinations of meat and cheese, mastering them is incredibly easy.

Choose the filling

Start by breaking down the process into stages – what to do you want on your board? Do you want to have lots of fruits, cheeses and vegetables with a small portion of meat? Do you want to make a full Italian spread and prepare a snack in the form of an antipasto dish with pepperoni, salami, pickled peppers and fresh tomatoes? Want to include honey or maybe even jam? The possibilities are endless, but the best part of the snack board is that they consist of all the delicious things you like, so feel free to add ingredients to the soul.

Where to find good ingredients for snacks

Once you decide what to put on the snack board, the best part comes – finding the ingredients. Your local deli or butcher shop is sure to have an amazing selection of meat slices that are perfect for your snack. Even grocery stores have a large selection of cheeses and meats in the deli section to gather all the necessary ingredients without breaking the jar.


The rule of thumb is to combine each ingredient into pairs of a similar type. Meat of all kinds is combined in any arrangement you deem necessary – alternate colors or be creative as you wish. Crackers are combined with bread, such as pita or crostini. Honey and jam are also combined; you can even go a step further and put them in decorative jars or containers on the board.

Now you are a master of culinary products. Get out and enjoy!



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