Hundreds of endangered giant tortoises have been released into the Mekong River in Cambodia to mark World Turtle Day.

Hundreds of endangered giant turtles have been released into the Mekong River in Cambodia to mark World Turtle Day on Monday.

Giant tortoises with soft shell Cantar have almost disappeared in its former territory in Vietnam and Thailand due to poaching and illegal tradeand were only discovered in Southeast Asia in 2007.

The Wildlife Conservation Society has coordinated the release of 580 babies that can grow to a length of 200 cm (78 inches) and mostly live in sand and water, floating to the surface only twice a day to breathe.

The monks blessed the baby reptiles – also known as “frog turtles” for their distinctive appearance – before helping conservationists and impatient children send fat bows into the murky waters of the Mekong.

The creatures belong to a group of 982 turtles rescued in the form of eggs – to protect them from the danger that threatens the number of species – carefully incubated, hatched and then released into the wild.

Ken Serreirota, director of the WCS Cambodia country program, said significant progress has been made in protecting animals in the country, but more needs to be done.

“This species is under threat illegal hunting and human trafficking, ”he said.

Monks blessed little

The monks blessed the little “turtles with frog muzzles” before helping conservationists and eager children send them to the Mekong.

The WCS and Cambodia fisheries department has found and rescued more than 2,000 eggs this year, and the teams hope the rest will eventually hatch.

Oak Vibol, director of the fisheries department, urged local stakeholders to continue the conversation and promised that “those who still trade protected species will be prosecuted. “

Last year, the teams managed to raise and then release into the wild about 1,300 pups.

Giant soft-shelled endangered giant tortoise nest found in Cambodia

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