• A big step forward in preserving water quality in Wakulla County
  • Leaders decided to delay a vote on re-zoning a piece of land in the county
  • Hundreds of people showed up to voice their concerns ahead of that decision

It was a packed house inside Wakulla County commission chambers. It was equally packed outside with hundreds standing in the heat and waiting for a decision.

One of those people was Jack Rudloe. He works at the Marine Specimen lab and cares about the water.

“They knew there was going to be a giant crowd here and they knew people would be waiting. There was a tent of about a hundred people sweating just about to pass out” Said Rudloe.

Commissioners were expected to talk about rezoning a piece of land.

That land has caused a lot of controversy.

That proposed change would transform the property along U.S 319 change would transform the property along U.S from agricultural to commercial.
A change many fear could open up development for things like a gas station.

Rudloe thinks the county should’ve prepared to have more space for the people attending the highly anticipated meeting.

“People stood there for almost an hour or more in the heat and the county was oblivious and could care less.” Said Jack.

Commissioners decided to table the agenda item.

Commissioner Ralph Thomas announced at the meeting they’re working to get Florida Forever to buy the property.

“We had to look at all options and obviously a lot of people really wanna protect this area that’s the purpose of Florida forever that’s what they do.” Said Thomas.

Thomas thinks this could be a resolution to the on going issue.

Commissioners say they are navigating a meeting time to make a decision. This is to be determined.

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