The community is in mourning after a little girl died in the accident while playing on the playground in the kindergarten “Arcadia”.

Since Thursday morning, neighbors and loved ones have been carrying balloons, flowers and stuffed animals for a fence in front of the playground at the Imagination Station at E. Magnolia, 726, where 4-year-old Malina Valdez was killed. At 8pm on Friday night they will light candles in honor of Raspberry and another child injured in the crash.

On Wednesday, Malena and a 5-year-old child were playing on the playground when they were hit by a car that drove through a kindergarten fence. Raspberry’s grandmother, Josephine Valdez, says she will miss the playful, happy and loving 4-year-old.

“My God, I miss her so much that it shouldn’t have happened,” Valdez said. “It was. Why only God knows. All she did was play in the playground, was a little girl, like all the other kids, but why this tragedy … all we can say is, “Why, why Raspberry?” We just want her back. “

Raspberry’s family and friends will keep her in mind Friday night, thinking of the little girl they would like to have more time with.

“Very smart, very, very smart,” Valdez said. “She was very young. She loved the phone, YouTube. Very playful, loving. Sometimes she had a mean look, right? Oh God. “

According to the Florida Road Patrol, another child was seriously injured in the crash but could be released sometime Friday.

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