Will be real Jimmy Butler please stand up

After a couple of dominant shows in the first two rounds this year NBA In the playoffs, Butler was praised throughout the NBA landscape. Many have come to the conclusion that Butler was the best player left in the postseason, after his 41-point game in the first game of the Eastern Conference finals.

But after three failed readings in a row, including shooting 4 of 18 On Wednesday night, Miami lost to Boston 93-80the notion of Butler has changed dramatically.

“He completely abandoned them while acting as if he was still playing.” Skip Bayless criticized on Thursday “Undisputed.”

While teammates and Butler’s staff are unlikely to go that far, as there are two (potential) games left The heat This season they will certainly need more from their star guard if they are going to win in a row and book a trip to the NBA Finals.

Butler’s shooting performance in Game 5 was appalling not only by his standards, but for any NBA wing.

In addition to 4 out of 18 from the hall, Butler was also 1 out of 5 from deep and finished with a score of -15 plus / minus. He scored as many free throws as the goals from the game, getting a perfect score of 4 out of 4 from the charity strip, and scored 13 points. But even his FT figures represented a sharp deviation from his usual output.

After 18 free throws Game 1 of the series, Butler has tried just six combined free throws in his last three games, a total of 14 in games 2-5. He has also suffered a huge slip at +/-, dropping to -52 in his last four games after finishing at +25 in Game 1. He has scored 27 points in Games 3-5 after falling 41 in Game 1 and 29 in Game 1. Game 2.

Game 5 was Butler’s third straight bout with less than five goals from the game (he had never done so in the postseason before) and second in a row with a score of less than 25% off the floor.

Butler’s lack of production is one of several concerns for Heath, who failed to take advantage of a poor show from Boston in the first half of Game 5.

« Celtics “smelled for two and a half quarters,” Bales said. “It was the same awkward NBA playoff game I’ve never seen. The NBA should be ashamed.

“The Celtics have asked for Heath, please just go get this game.” 38 Miami’s 3 missed 3 shots in the second most missed in NBA playoff history. The team, which dropped 38% of 3 in the regular season, did so in their biggest game of the year! It was the abomination of all time. They scored 1 of 14 in the third quarter. It should be considered the worst third quarter in NBA history. ”

Jimmy Butler fights when Heath moves to Celtics in Gm 5 ECF I UNSPUTED

Thanks to a great second half, the Boston Celtics won 93-80 over the Miami Heat on Wednesday night Jimmy Butler got 13 for the Heath. Skip Bailess talks to the final of the Heat-Celtics Eastern Conference, Game 5.

According to Bales, Butler was far from the only Heat player to fight on Wednesday night.

Miami became only the second team in league history to shoot less than 20% from depth, taking 45 3 seconds from the establishment of the 3-point line. Meanwhile, Kyle Lowry and Max Strus a combined score of 0-15 from the floor, the worst shooting for the starting back zone in playoff history.

Game 5 also became the first in the history of the Heat playoffs when they threw less than 32% off the field of at least 90 attempts, while realizing less than 20% of their 3s. The team also recorded the lowest post-season goal passes (14), a percentage of 3 points (15.6) and an attack rating (89.9).

У Shannon Sharp according to Miami is not a stellar team, period.

Nick Wright went a step further by calling this Heat team “broken”.

“I don’t know [what happened to Jimmy Butler]”Wright said.” “First things first.”

“I know he was injured, but I don’t think the injury was an amputation. I’m not sure how we can explain these splits: the first 13 playoff games Butler knocked on the door at the Superstar Club, the last three games he takes out the trash because he was added to the guardianship staff. But the rear zone “Hit” will pick it up, right? Oh, boy. In the last two games, they are 1 on 28! “

Chris Brussard doubled its Celtics 6 forecast.

“There’s a level to that,” Brusar said. “The hit is just exhausted. Butler’s knees are probably troubling. Tyler Hero comes out. They just can’t kill. In the last two, they scored an average of 81 points per game. It’s all over. “

Jimmy Butler’s heat is falling apart in Game 5 vs. Celtics I FIRST TINGS FIRST

In the fifth game of the finals of the Eastern Conference “Miami Heath” were defeated. While Nick Wright previously predicted that Jimmy Butler and Heath would win this series at seven, it shows why he is no longer sure of that choice.

Miami will need a big twist to turn the tide in this series, and due to the away deal approaching Friday, the team is facing its most challenging challenge.

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