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Yakub Batalon talks about his lasting friendship with “spider man” Castor Tom Holland — and talking about the early days of filming the MCU franchise together.

“I’m very lucky that we all started this journey together,” he said in an Oct. 3 interview on “The Tonight Show.” “We were all 19 at the time, so putting a bunch of young kids in a movie might not be the most responsible idea. But through this, through all the trials and tribulations, we grew together as a family, and now every day is a family day.”

The couple lived together in 2016 while filming Spider-Man: Homecoming in Atlanta, leading to a great relationship. “It was like a frat house, a bunch of 19-year-olds messing around and eating a lot of junk food,” Batalon said. “Not the best environment, but the most fun environment.”

In a 2021 interview, Holland confirmed that their living conditions were a bit wild People. “Jacob moved in with me when we were shooting the first movie,” he said. “I have a photo album with polaroids of us just living in this house and what we’ve been up to. God forbid this album ever comes out! He also said that he, Castor (now a girl) Zendaya, and Batalon all grew close during the process. “[Fame] It takes a little time for a young child to understand, he added. – We were lucky that we experienced the same thing at the same time. Zendaya was our leader in that sense. We are all a small family; we all rely on each other.”

Of course, Holland is now 26 and dating zendaya, while Batalon 25 and also in a long-term relationship. He told Phelan he brought his girlfriend, Brooke Reina “Spider-Man: No Way Home” set, and after she met Tobey Maguire, she learned of Spider-Man’s top-secret meeting in the critically-acclaimed film. She then had to keep the secret under lock and key for over a year, which Batalon told Fallon actually brought them closer together.

Batalon, who plays Ned alongside Holland’s Peter Parker, is currently starring in his own series, Reginald the Vampire , which premieres on Syfy on October 5.

Watch the interview below.