Could everyone calm down for a second? October 4 of this year Jamie Lee Curtis talked about the possibility of creating “Amazing Friday“continued along with the original Costar Lindsay Lohan, and spoiler alert, she’s definitely on board. In “Halloween Ending” press tour in Mexico City, Curtis admitted that she would “definitely” want to make the next film through video taken by a fan. “Lindsay Lohan and I are friends,” Curtis explained to the crowd after being asked if she would ever be open to a sequel. “She texted me the other day – she’s in Ireland [her upcoming Netflix movie ‘Irish Wish’]” Curtis said, joking about the security questions she asked to make sure it was really her former colleague.

“She said, ‘Hey Jamie, it’s Lindsay,’ and I said, ‘Yeah? Prove it!” Curtis said, revealing that she eventually realized it was really Lohan because she was able to name the rap they were both trying to do. study together in the car while filming the iconic Friday Fries scene (Justin Timberlake“Like I Love You”, for those who are interested). So it’s clear the two are still in touch, even if Curtis has some unorthodox security protocol.

“Anyway, a remake of ‘Fucking Friday’? Absolutely,” Curtis told the audience in no uncertain terms. And with Lohan recently returning to acting, it may only be a matter of time before we see Tess and Anna Coleman reunite.