Jeffrey Richardson, director of the Gleason Performing Arts Center and Campus Events, was named Florida Tech’s Most Valuable Panther in September.

Announcing the award, the Human Resources Office said:

“Jeffrey Richardson has been with Florida Tech since 2018, providing audiovisual support for campus events with excellence and thoughtfulness. Whether at Gleason, Clemente or Pantherium, Jeff’s knowledge and experience gives every event a professional look and sound.

It’s not uncommon to have multiple events on campus, and recently there were two large events with several smaller ones on the same day. Jeffrey jumped into action like a true panther, spending countless hours planning and coordinating with various departments on campus in addition to gathering and scheduling equipment and staff to support events. Jeffrey’s efforts and teamwork regularly save the university thousands of dollars that would otherwise have to be spent on leasing and planning this type of support from outside agencies.

Jeffrey also upgraded the lighting and sound systems at the Gleason Center for the Performing Arts, a task that took more than two years of continuous planning and coordination. His can-do attitude is contagious and serves as a role model for students and co-workers. For this living example of positive and professional support, Geoffrey Richardson is our most valuable panther.”

The MVP program recognizes faculty and staff who embody the university’s standards of innovation as demonstrated by their excellence and quality of service. To nominate future MVPs, visit