It took one conversation with Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants outfielder Jock Pederson spend the best game of your career.

Pederson made three home runs and made 8 career races. 13-12 win over New York Mets Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, in his 11th match against the left this season, Pederson made his fourth home run in two days.

In an after-game interview Tuesday night, Pederson said he and his teammate Lamont Wade Jr. spent about half an hour talking to Bonds in a cage before the game and then continued the conversation at the clubhouse. Before he found out about it, it was 6:25 p.m.

“It just freed up my mind,” Pederson said on the Giants air. “The way he talks about punches has only helped me a little bit.

Pederson grew up in Pala Alta, California, just 30 miles south of Oracle Park, and idolized Bonds. Minutes after the conversation, Pederson showed a performance similar to Bonds.

Pederson became the second giant to play with three Homer in Oracle Park, and compared the record in the San Francisco-era Giants singles game to RBI, which includes Willie Mace, Orlando Sepeda and Brandon Crawford.

“I’ve talked to great strikers before and they weren’t as deep as he is,” Pederson said. “It was the best conversation I’ve ever had.”

On Wednesday, San Francisco manager Gabe Kapler threw the dice and started Pederson against the left-hander, with which he has not had much success in his career. Pederson proved Kapler’s correctness when he scored a home run in his first battle of the game.

“It was strictly self-preservation on my part,” Kapler told reporters before the game. “I’m fine trying to get the platoon’s advantage where possible, but I also want to survive this day.”

In the last two games Pederson is 5 on 8 with 10 RBIs and two moves. He heads the Giants with 11 home runs, finishing third in the National League.

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