In our Q&A series, “POPSUGAR Crush“, we get to know some of our favorite celebrities’ most intimate details, from their first celebrity crush to the best love advice they ever received. This month, we’re obsessing over Tierra del Fuego star Jordan Callaway.

At first glance, it might seem like CBS’ new drama “Fire Country” is just a bunch of pretty people fighting fires. But the series is much more than that – especially for Jordan Callaway in the title role. While the cast does not consist of actual smokejumpers and the drama is fictional, the problem of wildfires in Northern California, where the series takes place, is very real. In fact, Calloway, who hails from Aberdeen, California, has suffered from them firsthand.

“I remember 1996 [wildfires in Southern California]. That was one of the places we evacuated to,” Calloway tells POPSUGAR. – I just remember how all the hills were burning and burning. Or recently, when the redwoods were burning, I remember going there with my family and seeing the redwoods.’

One of the factors that convinced him to sign on was that the subject matter of the show “really hits close to home” for Callaway. “I feel a great responsibility… [and it’s] great honor to be a part of this project. . . growing up with it, he says.

“Land of Fire” also focuses on the people of the fictional town of Edgewater, California, and how their lives are affected by the unexpected return of a convict and ex-resident named Bode, who joins a parole program that helps firefighters reduce his prison term. “Since this is his hometown, as he begins to serve part of his sentence … it will also be revealed that there are several skeletons in the closet for him, for his friends and loved ones back home, when they all begin to answer the question of where Bode went after the last couple of years,” Callaway says.

Callaway’s character, Jake, is a respected, up-and-coming firefighter in the California Fire Department and one of the many residents of Edgewater who is inexplicably connected to Bode. “I love the dichotomy of Jake,” Callaway says of his character. “You have a man with a heart of gold who wants to help people… He loves the people who got him into this business, who were his parents, fathers and surrogate mothers to him. at the same time, he finds it difficult to communicate… He doesn’t know how to ask for help.’ He continues, adding, “He’s so concerned with trying to do things right or trying to make sure everyone likes him… that he sometimes hurts himself.”

Jake’s own skeletons may be revealed as he and Bode grapple with their shared past, a storyline Calloway is excited to explore. “Guys being guys, we don’t necessarily talk about it… we don’t talk about our feelings. No, of course not. So it’s interesting to explore that [history].”

Calloway likes that the drama of Tierra del Fuego isn’t focused on “who’s sleeping with whom” (although there is there is some of that), but rather the real-life turmoil and challenges that come with being a first responder in a small town where everyone knows everyone. “What medical or emotional issues are these people dealing with, such as bereavement or bereavement, or even difficult issues related to spiritual beliefs?” Callaway talks about the main themes of Land of Fire. “It’s all different things that they do and also put us in an environment where we have to deal with life and death situations. And you have to be able to put that aside, maybe even working with somebody… who you might have a problem with.’

Check out the rest of the “Unfabulous” alum’s interview ahead, and catch him on Land of Fire, which premieres October 7 on CBS with new episodes airing Fridays.

What is your favorite form of self-care?

My favorite form of self-care would probably be [the video game] War zone, back massage or rum and raisin ice cream. Here you go. . . And anime. I’m a big nerd.

Favorite thing to cook?

Oh, it’s hard. GOOD. It’s quick: I think my spaghetti.

What is your favorite cologne?

Dolce and Gabbana.

Dogs or cats?

Dogs all day. Dogs. Dogs, dogs, dogs. In case you didn’t know: more dogs.

What is your ideal first date?

The perfect first date? What is not good coffee? Go out for coffee. I mean, I’m in a relationship right now, so I really don’t know. coffee? Is that still the case? I don’t know. Here you go.

Most memorable fan meeting?

I would probably say it was in . . . one of the Dragon Cons I went to for Black Lightning. One of the kids who came up was dressed as one of my favorite anime characters [characters], and oh, he was just wonderful. He was a wonderful child. Really, really good kid.

What is your favorite movie for movie night?

Probably Gladiator.

Best trip you’ve been on?

Disney World.

Do you like to dress up or do you like to wear comfortable clothes?

I like to wear comfortable clothes. But man, give me an event to go to in a suit and I’ll show. I will show you now.