My man, my man, my man! One thing about JTshe goes after her little one Lil Uzi Vertβ€” despite what the social media world may think of his fashion and beauty choices.

On Sunday (October 2) st City girls the rapper gathered people online who couldn’t seem to keep her name out of the spotlight for her man’s actions. She took to Twitter explain that Uzi was himself and a star in his own right before her.

“Every time MY nowhere does what he wants to do, you make yourself wonder, it WAS his aesthetic before mine,” JT wrote. “I guess that side is more set, but let me tell you all, he’s a black rock star who does what he wants to do.”

Uzi shows off his belly button piercing, JT addresses clothing and sexiness

And JT wasn’t wrong when he said the Uzi has unique aesthetics! He was trending for his outfits, gravity-defying hair and big, pink diamond he once implanted in his forehead.

But a viral photo of Uzi flexing his pierced belly button is what sparked JT’s Twitter rant. In addition to making it clear that he is himself, JT talked about how people associate fashion with sexuality.

“You all think that how people dress and how they express themselves is what defines them sexually, and that’s your problem now because the men here dress as men separately and can’t wait to move on from you to Taste sh**k for Amaris and I mean NO disrespect,” she wrote.

JT says Uzi is her MAN despite what people say

Despite that they are a couple, JT feels that they are also individuals. And when it comes to her support, then Gravy it is the rapper has.

β€œUzi is dating me and we have two different audiences to be honest. So nothing bothers me more than when he does what he wants, you tag me and say “THIS IS YOUR MAN”. Yes, this is MY man. MY good man, MY rich man, MY honorable man, MY bright man, MY successful black rock star,” JT said.

And for anyone who thinks she’s putting up with Uzi’s aesthetic for a few coins, the artist has made sure her wallet is loaded too!

“Last, last, I have my own money,” JT tweeted. β€œSTFU. I’m with him because I want to be. πŸ™‚ He is the best person, the best of all the f***s… let’s argue.”