On May 25, Kelly released a new music video for the song “Melt”, and in it the singer finally confirmed that they are dating artist 070 Shake. In the video, co-directed by both artists, the lovers are at different stages of a dreamy romance and family happiness. The lyrics are also cute-poetic: Kelly sings, “I can’t tell where your hair ends and mine start / If I didn’t have all these tattoos, I’d think it was your skin” and paints a cute picture of the couple’s novel. “I wish I could build a nice apartment / one-room apartment where your heart is,” she sings. Shortly after the video disappeared, Kelly confirmed his relationship by sharing the video on Instagram with signature: “true story”. У another postshe wrote: “@ 070shake iLoveyou”.

Rumors of a possible relationship between Kehlani and 070 Shaking started spinning when 070 Shake made a retweet of one of Kelani’s videos in September 2021, although it is largely inactive online. The couple was spotted in Fr. Bottega Veneta a joint event in October 2021, and Kelani published Photo of the couple on Instagram at a joint party in early 2022.

“Melt” is the latest video from the 27-year-old Kehlan’s album “Blue Water Road”, which was released on April 29th. The Auckland native is set to embark on a big album tour in June. 070 Shake also has the album “You Can’t Kill Me”, which is scheduled for release on June 3. The 24-year-old New Jersey-based artist released her debut album “Modus Vivendi” in January 2020. She also appeared on Kanye West “Ghost Town” and “Violent Crimes”, “Dayton” by Pushkin T. Nasa “Nasir”, and Beyonce “Black King” visual album.

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