On friday “Twilight” and the Batman star. Robert Pattinson turned 36, and the actor received a special birthday celebration Lisa. The “Truth Hurts” singer delighted fans by posting a photo of her and Pattinson together in what appears to be a bar before she became famous. While the exact timing is unclear, Lizzo’s dress on the strap gives off a vibrant atmosphere of the early 2010s.

The best thing about the photo is that Lisa did not share the context of what led to his removal. Given the situation and the era, perhaps Lisa approached Pattinson as a fan and asked to be photographed quickly – she definitely looks happy in the photo, and the bearded Pattinson smiles slightly. The fact that she still has a photo suggests that the Grammy winner was on Edward’s team during the Twilight big debate in the early 2000s, although Lizo again leaves the circumstances surrounding the photo to the imagination of his fans.

It should be noted that this is not the first time “About the damn time” The singer approached her birthday messages creatively for other celebrities. In September 2021, Lisa congratulated Beyoncé on her birthday on Instagram with a photo of her dancing on stage, while Bay appeared to watch from the side. The 34-year-old girl signed the photo: “Happy birthday, @beyonce – I keep posting this photo until we make the real thing together.”

Beyoncé then magnified Lizzo by revealing a child photo of her colleague, Grammy-winning Grammy owner. Lisa responded on Twitter writes: “Beyonce ?! Where do you have this photo? I have not seen this since birth.” In retrospect, her tweet is very hilarious, as she had easy access to an old school photo of Pattinson to publish it on her birthday, but didn’t trust when Beyonce found her as a child.

Hopefully, the unconventional publication of Face for the Celebrity’s Birthday will continue, because between her attempts to show off a proper photo of herself with Beyonce and a photo of her fan with Pattinson, it can’t be said what she will come up with next.

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