Watch live as Ron DeSantis is speaking at the homeschooling convention in Orlando on Friday, May 26.

This Florida the governor’s first public appearance since officially announcing his 2024 US presidential campaign.

Mr. DeSantis is believed to be in charge Republican claimant to Donald Trumpthe former president, who also announced that he would campaign for the party’s nominee.

His appearance on Friday comes after he suffered another technical setback in his 2024 campaign.

Appearing Thursday on Newsmax, Mr. DeSantis was scheduled to talk about his priorities as he hopes to win the Republican vote in the presidential race, but the show experienced a technical problem with the screen freezing.

It came after Mr DeSantis decided to announce his presidential campaign on Wednesday at the Twitter Spaces event, but that too ran into technical problems, with it crashing several times and the sound dropping out repeatedly.

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