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Javed Khan’s review of smoking must be accompanied by decisive and immediate political action if the government is to achieve its goal of getting England to quit smoking by 2030, says a leading expert on longevity.

The number of people is being reduced in the Khan’s Review published today smoking has been in effect since 2017 and recommends that today’s children should never be able to buy tobacco in England.

Persistent proposals in a review commissioned by Health Minister Sajid Javid have shown that the age of sale will increase from 18 to one year each year until eventually no one can buy tobacco products. The offer is similar to the one introduced in New Zealand, where the purchase of tobacco products will remain banned for anyone born after 2008.

The review was published six weeks after Professor Les Mayhew outlined the dangerous path the UK is taking with regard to the fight against smoking.

Professor Mayhew, a professor of statistics at the Bayes School of Business and head of global research at the International Center for Longevity, found that the negative effects of smoking on inequalities in health meant that even immediate cessation meant that not all health benefits would be seen in the UK for 40 years.

A study called “Raising the level – a big health problem” showed that smoking affects the health and future of the UK. The findings suggest that the UK government’s goal of equalizing healthy life expectancy by five years by 2035 is unattainable, with the best that can be hoped for in 2.5 years because it takes time for health effects to break through the population.

Professor Mayhew said that although the publication of the review was a big step in the right direction, it is necessary to pursue a resolute policy to cut seven million smokers in the UK and if the government wants to allow Britain to quit smoking by 2030.

“The publication of the Khan Review shows that the UK government is serious about smoking,” said Professor Mayhew. “The progressive nature of the proposal is exactly what is needed, although it is only the beginning of a long and difficult journey.

“My research has shown that complete smoking cessation will increase healthy life expectancy a general population of 2.5 years and an increase in health between different parts of the UK, particularly in the north of England, where deaths from lung cancer and smoking-related diseases are the highest.

“If smoking were stopped, people would be able to live more fulfilling and productive lives longer. But words are empty without action. new control of smoking task becomes even impossible.

“History shows that banning smoking in public places and advertising are generally more effective in reducing smoking prevalence than raising taxes. Therefore, I also welcome Mr. Khan’s recommendation to invest in a well-thought-out media campaign to create this non-smoking culture. ”

The age limit for smoking in England should increase every year: a study

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“Raising levels is a big health problem”

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