A man has been rescued after being stranded on a partially submerged boat off the Atlantic Coast for 35 hours.

Charles Gregory, 25, went missing at sea after going on a fishing trip on Friday morning at around 4am.

His family grew concerned after he failed to return to a boat ramp in St Augustine, Florida, and contacted officials.

The boater’s father, Raymond Gregory, said that a wave capsized his son’s 12-foot jon boat causing him to drift far from the shore.

The 25-year-old lost both his life jacket and mobile phone, was stung by jellyfish and had seen sharks in the water.

His body was pushed to the limits as he was sunburnt during the day and left “freezing cold” in the icy water at night.

Charles Gregory, 25, went missing at sea after going on a fishing trip on Friday morning

(US Coast Guard)

“He was scared to death. He said he’s had more conversations with God in that 30 hours than he’s had his whole life,” Mr Gregory told CNN.

Though the boater is now safe and resting at home, his father said he is suffering from Rhabdomyolysis, which is when damaged muscle tissue breaks down and releases proteins and electrolytes into the blood.

However, the boater is expected to recover.

An HC-130 Hercules plane crew spotted Gregory on Saturday morning, sitting in his partially submerged boat, the US Coast Guard said.

A Coast Guard Cutter Coho boat crew recovered Charles and transferred him to a Station Mayport boat crew who transported him to EMS at Vilano Beach Fishing Pier.

A large wave capsized Mr Gregory’s boat and sent him drifting far from the shore

(US Coast Guard)

Coast Guard Sector Jacksonville Commander Nick Barrow said: “While this case resulted in rescuing Charles from a life-threatening situation, it highlights the importance of having safety gear onboard and being prepared for the worst.

“If you plan to head out on the water, remember to have a life jacket, VHF marine grade radio, signalling devices and an emergency personal locator beacon to contact first responders in case you are in need of assistance.”

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