Marco Patriots will help people in Alabama recover from the winter tornado outbreak.

At least seven people have died after the storm in Alabama. Marco Patriots will head to the Old Kingston area, where fatalities have been reported.

A trailer full of supplies and equipment will be in some of the hardest hit parts of Alabama, helping people recover from the deadly tornadoes.

Marco Patriots Trailer Prepared for Alabama. CREDIT: WINK News

WINK News spoke with the Marco Patriots, who told us about the help they’ll be providing, minutes before leaving on the nine-and-a-half-hour trip north to Alabama.

“Everyone is looking for a centralized place where they can communicate with others, find out what’s going on, find out where they can get the supplies they need. We’re trying to find that spot and contribute in that moment,” Marco Patriots member Matt Melican said.

Marco Patriots have responded across the country in the wake of natural disasters by cooking hot meals and distributing essential items.

They have enough supplies to last three days and can cook 500 to 1,000 meals a day.

“When we get there, we’ll make an assessment of the immediate needs. But we think about blankets, clothes, food and water, basic necessities for children and babies. That’s usually what we do,” Melican said.

To do this, their team also includes volunteers they met while responding to the historic and deadly flood in Kentucky in 2022. Melican talked about the importance of communicating with volunteers from all over the country.

“We rely heavily on ground intelligence and intelligence gathering. So the more partners we can develop in this line of work, the better we’ll be, the better we’ll be able to tailor our response,” Melican said.

WINK News also contacted other organizations, such as the local Red Cross and FPL, to see if they would be sending crews to help after the tornado.

WINK News will let you know when we hear back from them.

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