Again that time of year when Time Magazine publishes its list of the 100 most influential people of the year, and, as always, there are a few heavy hitters who are not only influential but also black while continuing to dominate their fields.

Each year, the list of influential people is divided into categories that include artists, innovators, titans, leaders, icons and pioneers. Everyone is also talked about by their peers when they are given flowers, when they continue to unleash new levels of influence on the masses.

In the icon category, none other than the Queen of Hip Hop / Soul, Mary J. Bligewho also recently received the Icon Award at this year’s Billboard Music Awards.

We wrote a nice message when talking about the status of the icon of Mary. He said

“Mary has approached us the way we all do. She was a voice for us, but she wasn’t like other R&B performers at the time. She became famous early because she was a hip hop artist who also sang. The industry needed someone like that. The streets wanted it. That’s what pop culture wanted. And she was the one behind it because she wasn’t invented. It was a girl with big earrings. She was like a representative of a certain type of girl who leaves New York and leaves the streets. “

Also in the badge category are Isa Rae, which completed its record-breaking HBO series “Dangerous” last December. She was honored with her “Black Lady Sketch Show,” staff member Robin Tede, who said:

“Isa is not only a prolific writer, an exciting actor and comedian, a profound leader, an effective producer and a music mogul in the making (pause to take a breather) – she is also a constantly cheerful and loyal friend. For those of us who are lucky enough to know her, Isa is all you want a person to be: kind, cheerful, down-to-earth. ”

Actress / singer Amber Riley talked about Jasmine Sullivanwho is on the list of one of the most influential artists this year, and said:

“Sullivan has a lyrical vulnerability that makes you think she’s reading your magazine. She so deserves her latest Grammy victory, as well as recognition and other awards she has been honored to witness. But the most exciting part of her recent career path was that Sullivan allowed us to take part in her journey to selfishness, removing herself from the shadow of fear that we can clearly see in her 2021 album. Heaux Tales ».

Also included in the category of artists Quinta Branson, who is the creator, writer and star of the ABC series “Abbott Elementary”. She was honored by LeBron James, who said:

“Quinta Branson is more than a writer, producer, actor and comedian. She is a student and a master of her craft. Changing the game on network television. Clever and funny as hell, in that order. She is a Swiss army knife that can – and does – everything. “

Other names on this year’s list include Zendaya, Oprah Winfrey, Zoe Kravitz, Mia Motley, Kentucky Brown Jackson, Candas Parker, Questlow and many more.

Check out the full list here.

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